Frustrations in Crafting

I fully intended to begin work on a cute little beanie for my little one to wear after he is born. I actually even started on it. But thanks to the movers the yarn was a tangled mess. So after being frustrated, throwing the yarn on the floor, and cutting off the part that I had started, I began the process of untangling the messy yarn. It took me two hours! I was very irritated by the amount of time it took and am even more irritated that it means that there will be no more crocheting for me tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I will have better luck. But here is a picture of the beautiful ball of yarn, the little piece that I did actually accomplish (and didn’t rip out), my crochet hook, the scissors that were very necessary in the process of untangling the yarn, and a little hat I am using as a size guide. Looking forward to having something more concrete to show you this weekend. Gotta get my craft on!

S's baby hat

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