Baby Announcement and Update

Well, it has been quite the year for the Goodman family. Two moves, a new career for my husband, and a precious new baby. In March we welcomed Baby K to the family. Yup, 4 boys. Here are some adorable photos of him. 🙂

Killian birth announcement for blog

K is such a treasure and a wonderful gift from God. I can’t even imagine life without him and its only been a little over 2 months!

Things have definitely been different around this place. For whatever reason adding a 4th has been harder on me than adding a 3rd was. G loves his baby but doesn’t like it when he cries. It causes both boys to go into a screaming match which is not fun for anyone.

T has started occupational and speech therapy. We are loving the therapists but G and I get bored waiting for them to be done.

Summer is definitely on its way! Tomorrow is supposed to hit 97. Not so high for Tucson this time of year but pretty icky with the humidity. The boys are eager to go to the neighboring splash pad to cool off and play!

Grandma is coming to visit next week. S is counting down the days!

A is adjusting to his new job and schedules. Its a whole different ballgame with this career than it was with his last one.

I’m trying to get as much sewing time as possible. I’ve been running a sewing group on Facebook, Sew for Boys, that I started back in December out of frustration for the lack of boy sewing patterns. It has been surprisingly popular and people are sharing all kinds of great creative ideas! In less than 6 months the group has grown to over 3500! Who knew there were so many others who love to sew for boys! When I can’t get to the machine myself, I enjoy browsing the great things that others have made.

I am going to be doing some editing to the blog. So please bear with me. My hope is to make it more accessible and easier to navigate. I’ve had this blog for over 5 years now, and I think it is time to tidy it up a bit!

What have you and your family been up to?

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Trick or Treat!

We had a ton of fun on Halloween! My Spiderman, Batman, and Curious George raided the neighbors of the candy, after embarking on an adventure to our neighborhood Chick Fil A for a dinner worthy of such superheroes. Our little sailor looked adorable in his sailing outfit, and devoured a few french fries. It was a night to remember.

4 boys for blog

I got all 4 of them to pose in a photo!

batman 2 for blog

Gideon as George for blog.jpg

Killian halloween for blog

running for blog

Spiderman for blog

Overall I am thrilled with how the costumes came out! Once again, I want to thank Kristen over at Create Kids Couture for helping me to make my boys’ designs come to life.

And my kids are madly in love. They have worn them 3 times since Halloween. And it hasn’t even been a week yet! I have a feeling I am going to be washing them quite a bit!

How was your Halloween? Hope you got lots of amazing treats!

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This is Halloween!

Can you believe that Halloween is just a few days away? Its seems like just yesterday it was warming up and we were entering the summer season. Now my kids are asking me multiple times a day how many more days it is until Halloween. Good thing we have a calendar I can direct them to so they can count the days themselves!

Back in September the boys and I sat down and drew up a picture of just what they wanted for their Halloween costumes. I planned on starting way back then. Even bought the fabric. But using a word from Jeanine from Scientific Seamstress, I put the pro in “procraftination.”

costume doodle 2015

S has been Spiderman and T has been Batman for 3 years in a row now. So it didn’t surprise me in the least when they both told me their plans for this year. G is in love with Curious George (wants to watch it ALL the time, and he has a stuffed George he sleeps with).

The only issue I had was K. But thanks to the awesome Kristen at Create Kids Couture that was resolved when she designed the adorable baby Jonah sailor outfit. I got the opportunity to test it, and fell in love. Doesn’t K look adorable in his sailor suit?!

Jonah 2

I wasn’t sure at first what patterns I was going to use for the costumes. I had a few that would have probably worked, but Kristen helped me out there too. Kristen offered me Toby’s hooded shirt and Josh’s knit pajamas, amazing designs which were both designed by her, to use for the costumes. These patterns have worked PERFECTLY for the boys costumes and I can’t wait until I get them finished!

Here is a sneak peek. Forgive the photography. I just took a couple of quick snapshots.

costume pants

Spiderman’s pants still need webs drawn on. I am hand drawing them on with these Crayola Fabric Markers (affiliate link). Here’s one pant leg with webs on it:

spiderman leg 1

And here is the front of the shirt with the webs drawn on:

Spiderman front webs

I ironed on a heat transfer vinyl spider I cut using my Silhouette Cameo (affiliate links) and added side panels in blue. Here’s another quick snapshot before I stitched the side panels on.

Spiderman costume front

I’m pretty thrilled with how it is turning out.

Here’s a quick preview of the other shirts:

Costume shirts unfinished

I’ve still got quite a bit of work to do but I’m thrilled with how they are turning out! Check back in a few days for the finished results!

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Fall Garden Flag

I decided last year that we needed a garden flag for our front yard. I’ve always thought they were cute but never bother to do all that much with the front of our houses. Last winter I picked up a kit at Lowes and went with a basic snowman flag that they had available there. Its cute. I like it. But you can’t have winter flags up all year round.

Spring rolled around and I fully intended to turn some burlap I had got at Joann’s in the remnant section into a beautiful spring flag. Didn’t. Happen. Sigh. Instead I got a clearance one at Walmart and just made due.

Fast forward a few months, through the spring and summer to fall. K is almost 7 months old and I am starting to have a bit of time here and there where he is occupied with his brothers and what they are doing, or sleeping for longer periods of time. I knew it was time I took on the fall flag. So on our last trip to Joann’s I picked up some more burlap. This time fall themed.

Isn’t it cute?

garden flag 3

Using my Spring garden flag I cut my burlap out, turned the sides under to hem, and created a tube in the top to put it on the flag stand. But it needed something. That’s when I remembered the adorable Free Motion Appliqué Pumpkin freebie that Jeanine at StitchArt had created. I knew it would be adorable on the flag and add just the right pop of color!

(You can get your own copy of the FMA pumpkin HERE, along with an adorable bag designed by Karly at Paisley Roots.While you are there make sure to check out more of the awesome sewing stuff on Top Stitchers.)

Here it is all stitched up:

garden flag 2
And hanging in my front yard:

garden flag 4

A gorgeous pop of Fall color!

Have you tried your hand at FMA yet? I’d love to see your creations!

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