Mother’s Day gifts revealed

So here is what I made for Mother’s Day. I found a poem online from a company who sells bracelets and I borrowed the concept. I am not going to include the poem because they are special just for my moms, but each bead holds a special meaning or memory. Both of the bracelets are very similar, but I tried to make them slightly different, just like each mom is different.

Mothers day 2010 collage

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Idina’s Dress Part II

Tomorrow our community is having a pet competition. They are having different members of the community bring their dogs in their best outfits. This was encouragement for me to finish Idina’s dress so that she can wear it and show it off tomorrow. She wasn’t the most thrilled with me making her try it on so that I could pin the ribbons on and find out where to sew them on. She also didn’t dance around like she usually does with a new dress. But she looks cute in it. I attached ribbons on the bottom that tie so that I can get her in and out of it fairly easily. The halter top part is sewn in. It doesn’t come quite as high as I would have liked and I will have to adjust if I make her one again but for a first try I think it turned out well.

idina in her dress

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Spring/Summer Wreath

Nenna and C came over today! Nenna and I had been wanting to make spring wreaths for the last month or so. We bought the stuff back in April but things just kept getting in the way, keeping us from spending an afternoon creating our wreaths. Today we were able to get our craft on and make our crafts (while C did his schoolwork and read to us).

Here’s my wreath. Now I just have to figure out how to hang it…

Mother’s Day Revisited

Worked on finishing up Mother’s Day gifts today. Need to get them in the mail tomorrow in hopes that they will arrive in Tucson in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday. Pictures to come after I know they have arrived.

Right now I am trying to come up with a good way to package the gifts in a way that looks nice but that will also fit in an envelope so that it doesn’t cost too much to mail. I thought I would be able to find a simple origami bag that I could make but have not been successful. Grr! Need to figure out something before I got to bed tonight. I’ll post a picture of the wrapped presents later tonight or tomorrow.

Later (as in 10:43):
I found out that my Cricut has a cute little bag cut out! So after all my struggles this evening to try to find something that would work, I found out that I had it all along! So here are my wrapped presents. I just used some scrapping paper, the Cricut, some tissue paper to wrap the gift, and a cute little flower to adorn the bag. Hopefully they will arrive in Tucson in the same shape they are in now. Aren’t they cute?

mothers day 2010
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