S’s New Hat

I got to crochet tonight! Even though last night was not productive craft wise, tonight I was able to sit down while watching “The Terminator” with Aaron and crochet S’s hat. I found a pattern online to get me started but really it is my own pattern. Here’s what I did:

1. Chain 4, double crochet 11 in the 4th chain from the hook, slip stitch into the first chain.

2. Slip stitch into the top of the next two double crochets. Then chain 3. Double crochet into the same stitch. Skip a stitch and do two double crochets. Continue in this manner around the circle. Slip stitch into the third stitch of the chain (that was made at the beginning of this step).

3. Continue in like manner until the hat is large enough. I continued to increase stitches by adding two double crochets right next to the original chain of 3 in each row.

4. Tie off (can finish by slip stitching around the rim but I didn’t do that so that it would be stretchy).

That’s it. Simple. And then I turned it inside out because I liked the look of the ribs that were inside the hat. And viola! Here’s the finished product. Can’t wait to get a picture of it on my little one’s head!

The finished product:
S's baby hat 1
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