A little over 5 years ago I started an online journal in the form of a blog. Over the years that blog has evolved and changed, much like my life. Over the last 5 years our family has grown from 2 to 6. While my purpose in blogging is not just to share the story of my life anymore, my family is instrumental in making me who I am. So let me introduce you to my wonderful family.

wedding photo for blogI love this photo!

March 6, 2009 was truly one of the best days of my life. Not only did I say “I do” to the love of my life, but I also gained a partner for all the ups and downs that life hands us.

A is a wonderful husband and father. He serves our country in the military, and works hard to be better at everything that he does. He loves to read, play video games, wood working, gardening, and most things nerdy.

I, Dana, am the author of this blog, wife, mother, and crafter. I love to read, sing, write and craft.



Tobias for blog


This is S, our oldest. Born in May 2010, he is an energetic, highly imaginative child. Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 15 months, he is the bravest child I know.

S loves all things Spiderman and his favorite color is blue. When he grows up he wants to be the “real” Spiderman. In the meantime he is happy being a big brother and mommy’s helper.






9 months and 1 week after S was born, T was born a few weeks premature. He has been through several hospital stays and has had some developmental delays but he is a trooper and is super smart.

At 4 years old he is in love with Batman, Star Wars (Clone Wars show on Netflix and the Lego game/DVD). His favorite color is red. He is emotional but also has an excellent sense of humor. He loves to do art and would paint all day and all night if I would let him.

Gideon for blog


I’ll never forget when I first knew I was pregnant with G because it was while the older 2 boys were in the hospital for low blood sugars, and just before we were heading home to Arizona for my sister’s high school graduation.

I knew G was going to be a boy from the very beginning. I dreamt about him and there were no doubts in my mind.

G is a very fun loving child. He loves to run around, and explore. He loves Mickey (“Mouse!”), Thomas (and all things that go), and Curious George. He loves Legos and wishes he was big enough to play with the “little” Legos with his big brothers. I’m constantly chasing him around and he wears me out, but he also puts some of the biggest smiles on my face.


killian for blog


K is our youngest. He was born just 3 months ago and is starting to get a bit of a personality, and I can’t wait to see how it develops over the years. Right now he just loves his big brothers, snuggles, mama time, and his mama milk. As long as he has those, he is content.

Welcome to our story!

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