Diaversary Cards

I know that Diaversary is not a holiday that many of you are familiar with. I think it is actually a word that my Diabetes support group made up. I know I had never heard of it a year ago.

But it doesn’t matter if it was made up or not. To many of us diabetic families, the diaversary is a very important day in our lives.

This is the day that our child or loved one was diagnosed with diabetes. It was the day when our lives were changed forever.

It is a bittersweet day.

A day of gladness that our child or loved one is still alive. Of thankfulness for the ability to keep them alive. And a day of celebration for making it through one more year, hopefully healthier than the year before.

But it is also a day of sorrow. A day of remembering the trauma that we went through when our child or loved one was sick enough to have to go to the hospital and get diagnosed. A day when we mourn the loss of a healthy pancreas. A day we grieve over the trials that our child or loved one now faces as they struggle to keep healthy, normal lives.

For some, this is day is harder than for others. We all deal with it in our own ways.

One of our diabetes instructors told us that having a child diagnosed with a chronic illness (a deadly chronic illness) like diabetes, is much like losing a child. Yes, you are lucky that you have that child. But there is a grieving process that continues over and over and over again as you deal with new challenges, as you face the difficulties that diabetes brings, and as you see some of the things that diabetes gets in the way of your child doing. (And this is a mother who has lost a child from something other than diabetes.)

So back to the Diaversary cards. A wonderful woman in our group thought that it would be a nice gesture to send one another cards on our child’s diaversary. Something little to let them know that we are thinking about them, to encourage them, and to congratulate them on making it through another year of living with this disease.

What an awesome idea! Right?

And we got tons of wonderful cards in the mail for S’s diaversary (that just passed on September 6th). But in trying to find cards that I liked to send to other people in the group…well, lets just say that it is hard to find kid friendly, encouraging cards that are not associated with birthdays.

But I hate to give up!

So here is my solution. I created several different cards that can be printed right from your own computer!

All of the artwork is either from my Printshop program or were found on Wizmaya Design Studio for free. None of them are licensed to sell. They are for personal use only.

To use them, you will need either a photo editing program or you need a program like Word. I saved them all in jpeg format so that you should be able to open them on any computer.

The easiest way to use a program like Word (that does not have a card making option where you insert your pictures) is to start with a blank document. For all but one of them you would want to have the document set to landscape. On the far right half of the blank document you are going to place your outside photo. Make sure you adjust it so that it fits nicely in the right half only. I made the files so that they measure 4 X 6 which may or may not fit perfectly in your document. Adjust and figure out what works best for you. You can always cut your paper down to size when you are done.

On the next page of your document you are going to place your inside image again on the right side of the page.

Make sure that you do a trial run of this before you do the actual finished copy (use a grayscale or reduced ink, depending on your printer, copy first). But you are going to print the first page, flip your paper to the backside (assuming you don’t have a printer that does double sides) and print on the back. You should end up with a card that when folded has the outside image on the front and then when you open it up it will have the inside image.

This might be a bit tricky to figure out at first. Don’t worry it you mess it up the first time. Just keep playing with your settings until you figure out how to get it perfect with your software and your printer.

Don’t have a printer? Try an online photo company like Shutterfly or Snapfish (I do not endorse either company). I believe that you can make your own photo cards on either website for fairly cheap. All you do is plug in the photos and they will print them for you! This may cost a bit more money than printing at home but you are going to get great results and professional looking cards for pretty cheap. I know I have gotten some from one of those two companies that cost me less than $.20 a card! Considering how much a card in the store costs, that is a bargain!

If you have any questions, or come across some free clip art that you think would be great for another card, leave me a comment. I plan on making more of these as time permits. And I hope that you are able to use and enjoy them!


PS. Even if you don’t have a diabetic in your life, there are a few cards in there that might still work for you! I have a couple in which I left off the “Happy Diaversary” that would still be cute to send to a loved one. Please, do not feel as though you have to send these to diabetics only!

Cow Themed Birthday Party

A month ago we had T’s 1st birthday party. It was so much fun!

All the wonderful employees at Chick Fil A were wonderful in making sure that we had a good time. They provided us with balloons and a nice little section near the play area. We ordered the food ahead of time and they helped us get all set up.

The best part was it was fun, easy on me, safe and clean for the kids, and relatively inexpensive. And there were leftovers! I am so grateful that they were willing to work with us.

Here are some pictures of the little birthday boy. Isn’t he adorable? He just loved the cupcakes! (I ordered them at Sam’s since we had been in the hospital that week and they were cheap and delicious! Too bad for us aspiring chefs. :( )

And here are some shots of the rest of us. :) We all had an awesome time! Thanks to Amber, Jessica, and Nenna for coming and bringing your little ones!

And now, if you want to plan your own cow themed birthday party I have some printables for you. Here’s a photo of the goodie bags that I put together.

I made the play dough myself. It smelled marvelous but molded in just a day or two. Also included in the bags were homemade wands made from pipe cleaners to use with the bubbles. I chose Cheerios because they are T’s favorite snack, a coloring page with some crayons I picked up at the dollar store, a silly straw, and a cow thank you (it was supposed to be printed onto the brown bag but I ran out of time).

When you go to the collection (found on google docs) you should be able to find each printable in both photoshop and jpg formats. Use whichever format you would like. (Remember that the cow was taken from a free clipart website and that I do not have licensing rights to it. Please do NOT try to sell it or any of my creations. Thanks!)

Download them here.

Hope you enjoy these freebies! Please share with us photos from your little one’s party if you do use any of them. I would love to see the creative things you come up with!


1st Birthday Party Downloads

Just wanted to share with you some printables that I created for T’s birthday. I made these without T’s name on them so that you can use them, if you want, for your child’s birthday party.

The circles were designed to be used as cupcake toppers. Use a circle punch or a scallop punch to cut them out after printing on cardstock. Then hot glue a lollipop stick (Wilton makes them and you can buy them for cheap at Walmart) to the back. You can add some ribbon if you would like or just put them on the cupcakes as is. (I’ll post pictures after the party on the 3rd of what ours look like.) I made them in two file formats, .psd and .jpg. Download whichever is more convenient for you.

These are for snack bags to go in the goodie bags. My plan is to include some cheerios in the goodie bag since those are T’s favorite snack, but you can choose whatever you can think of to put in the baggies. As with the cupcake toppers, print on cardstock, cut out, and fold on the middle yellow line. Then all you need to do is staple to the top of the snack bag. Once again I included both a .jpg and .psd file for you.

I’m planning on creating some printables for brown paper bags (which will hold the goodies), for bubbles, and for baby food jars (which will hold the playdough). So be on the lookout for those pintables as well.

Hope these bring some inspiration to you as you are planning your little one’s birthday party!

*Note: I found the clipart online from free.clipartof.com. I did not pay for the use of it. Be warned that using it for personal purposes is allowed, but it is in violation of copyright (mine and theirs) to try to sell it.

Preparing for T’s 1st Birthday!

Little T is almost 1 year old! I can’t believe that almost a year has passed since my little man was in my belly.

Here’s a picture of my little man when he was first born.

Isn’t that the most precious face? (The only face I have ever seen that competes with that little face is my little S. But then I am a little prejudiced.)

And here’s a photo of him just a few weeks ago, cruising all over the place.

Look at that amazing smile!

His birthday isn’t for another week and a half, but as I am preparing for his birthday party, I have been having fun thinking back on all the great things he has accomplished this last year. I am so proud of my little guy and all that he has accomplished.

To celebrate this past year and the joy we have gotten to experience by having T in our lives this last year we are going to have a birthday party at Chick-Fil-A. They don’t have party packages or anything but are very accommodating and allowing us to reserve the space and bring our own balloons, cake, and goodie bags. Saves me on the clean up, space, and providing the food/drinks.

Here’s what I have been working on.

1. Goodie bags: Silly straws, bubbles with personal labels, pipe cleaner wands, homemade playdough, handmade coloring books with crayons, and cheerios because they are his favorite!

2. Balloon for each child who attends (Decoration for the party and it also goes home with the kids. Win win!)

3. Cupcakes and a small cake for the birthday boy! I’m thinking chocolate…

4. Banner for his high chair, and a special birthday hat.

5. Collage with a picture for each month of the last year (to display near the cake).


1. Target gift registry: Hopefully this will make gift giving much easier for everyone.

2. Invitation Flyer/Facebook Event Invite: I made a super cute flyer on photoshop to have my hubby display in his office. So much cheaper than doing individual invites and that way I don’t forget anyone! Also, created an invite on facebook.

3. Shopping: I found the bubbles and silly straws at the dollar store. I have been collecting baby food jars to decorate and put the playdough in (once it is made). And I have cupcake liners (although I am thinking of designing some cute ones to go around them).

4. Brainstorming: I’ve been searching online for ideas for the theme (went with the cow theme since T loves the cow from Chick-Fil-A and it fits so well with the restaurant). I’ve also looked for ideas on what to put in the goodie bags, how to make them cute, and how to personalize them myself.

So, needless to say, I’ve been busy with birthday planning. I may not be blogging much in the next week as I get all the stuff together. Be looking for pictures from the party!

Linky Link! Christmas Edition #4

So you’ve decked the halls and bought or made your gifts. But have you thought about wrapping? Why hide your wonderful gift under a boring piece of wrapping paper with the tape showing when there are hundreds of wonderful ideas right at your fingertips? Here are a few of my favorite wrapping ideas.

1. Ever thought of using scraps of fabric to decorate your presents?

I love this idea for a canvas transferred to the decoration of a Christmas present.

Or for a similar idea that is actually intended for gifts check out this blog.

If you are worried it would be a waste of fabric, use it on a box that can be used for another gift or a different purpose after the holidays are over.

2. Brown packaging paper can be an inexpensive way to create a backdrop for your creative wrappings. Here are a couple of ideas that start with simple brown paper.

Originally intended for a wedding, these charming little boxes wrap up some delicious cookies. The idea is simple and charming. It could easily be done with a variety of gifts.

Decorate your packaging paper with some double-sided tape and confetti. This package was done up for a birthday present but could easily be transformed with some red and green glitter or confetti. This would be fun for the kids to do!

I love to make recycled bows! They are charming and so easy to make. Although I do mine a bit different from they are done in this tutorial, you can see how pretty plain old magazine pages can be with just a bit of time and effort. Turn those old magazines into a bow and “ribbon” to make your package uniquely beautiful.

This blogger uses Washi tape to decorate her brown packages. I imagine that any kind of decorative tape would work. And if you have a family member or friend who loves duck tape (like my brother) than duck tape would be an awesome alternative with all the fun colors and styles out these days.

Or the same concept with masking tape…

3. Try something unique this year. It isn’t necessary to stick with the traditional colors of green and red. Why not try something different? Here are some examples.

There’s a how-to for this one, which is created with crayon shavings.

4. Bows are such a desirable item during the Christmas season. Who doesn’t love a package tied up with a pretty bow? But it doesn’t have to come from the store. Above I showed you a link to a blog about making recycled bows from magazines (or any paper, really). Here are some more links.

Eddie Ross has a video tutorial on how to make this gorgeous bow.

Here is another cute package done with packaging paper. The bow itself is made out of paper as well. Unique, easy and cheap!

This blogger used yarn to make a cute little bow instead of the pompoms that are often seen.

Cupcake liners are currently used for everything these days. This blogger shares with us how to decorate a present with some of those pretty cupcake wrappers that are popping up in all the stores.

5. And finally, make your wrapping part of the present! Here are some great ways to incorporate your gift or a part of the gift into the wrapping itself.

Have a scarf, a towel, or a shirt that you want to give as part of the gift. Try the art of Japanese folding to wrap the fabric around the gift. Here are some examples.

A detailed how-to wrap a shirt around your gift is included in this blog.

Add a tie…

What about an oven mitt as a stocking?

And of course you can use plain paper and tie a gift onto the package.

Attach a cookie cutter…

…a toy…

…an ornament…


…a brooch or a barrette.

There are a ton of other fun ideas out there. Use fabric to whip up a pillowcase for the kids, or a Santa bag for each child. Or use wrapping paper and bubble wrap to make a padded envelope. Or make a fabric envelope that can be passed around the family. Be creative with the things that you have accessible. Think out of the box this year!

Merry Christmas!