Polyvore: A Tutorial Part 3

Have you had a chance to set up an account? And play around with Polyvore? Did you make any creations? I hope that you did!

Today I am going to take you through a few steps to make your graphic AMAZING!

Are you ready?

polyvore main page


So you have a graphic. You have added a few items that you liked by searching through the items already on Polyvore, but you really want to add something special from another site.

Remember the clipping tool I had you install in Part 1? Well now I am going to show you (or at least those of you who haven’t figured it out on your own) how to clip things to your account, and where to find it once you have done that.

The first thing you need to do is go to the site where you are going to be clipping something. Sometimes it will be from a google search, something that stands out to you and would fit perfectly with your theme. Sometimes it will be from a website that you know and love.

In this example I went to my Lilla Rose website so that I could pin this gorgeous pair of bobbi pins.

After I found the product that I wanted, I clicked on it so that I was on the page with the larger image.

Here is the screen with the bobbi pins I wanted to “clip.” Aren’t they gorgeous?

Clipping bobbi pins 1

In order to “clip” them I went up to my browser where my clipping tool is and clicked on it. Easy as that!

This is the pop up screen that will appear after you click on the clipping tool.

adding tags to a clipped image on polyvore


I circled the “Tags” section on the pop up. I think it is really important to make sure that you fill in some things that will help you to find your clipped item again in the future. Or something that will help you to sort them.

As you can see, I am not very creative in my tags. I simply separate parts of the title by a coma so that I can just choose one item in the tag to search by.

Right now you probably only have a few clipped items (or none) but as you continue designing you will gain more and more marvelous things. And you want an easy way to find and organize them. This is a simple step that will make it much easier in the long run.

Once you finish that you can click on like and you will be done.

Finding Your Clipped Items

Now go back to your beautiful creation. On the right hand side of the screen are tabs. One tab is labeled “My Items.” This is where you will find the items that you clip. (It will also be where you find any item that you “like” while you are browsing through things.)

My items tab

Once you find it, you can add it to your graphic just like any other item by either clicking on it and choosing “add to set” or dragging it to the graphic. Resize and adjust as desired.

Finishing Touches

You did it! You merged your items, you resized, and cropped, and made them all fit just the way you want them. Congratulations!

Now before you finish lets take a look at some finishing touches you can add to your graphic.

Did you think that you would need another editing program/website like pic monkey in order to add writing? Or to add a background?

YOU DON’T! Polyvore has it all right there for you.

Go to the first page of the set and scroll down below all the clothing options. I circled the two embellishments that I use the most. But play with them all! You might find something that you LOVE!

Embellishment options

Saving and Publishing Your Finished Graphic

So you have finished your graphic. It looks perfect and you are happy with it. Time to share it with the world!

Here’s my finished graphic. (Remember which movie I originally picked? Can you see why I chose the items I used?)

The Notebook with adaynasmile on it

I fell in love. It was arranged exactly how I wanted and covered everything I needed it to. I added my Lilla Rose bobbi pins, the ones that we clipped earlier in the tutorial. And some other fun items that just fit with the theme of the movie. Hopefully everyone who sees the graphic will know exactly which movie I was referencing!

So its time to share with the world. Remember these buttons on the side?

Red dress with editing options 1

You can use the save option at any time. They are perfect for when you need to leave the computer and you don’t want to lose your great graphic. But now is the time to hit the “publish” button.

Here is the pop up you will get.

publish set
Notice there is a box that is checked for sharing with friends on your linked social sites. If you don’t want everyone on your social sites to see it right away, make sure to uncheck the box.

Once you hit publish, you are done!


Making collections are super easy! First make up a set or two. Then think of a common theme. For example, I have a collection that is entitled “Movie/Television Inspired.” All the graphics in it are ones that were, surprise, inspired by movies or television shows/characters.



If you have never created a collection start by going up to the top center and clicking on “create” to bring up the drop down menu. On that menu is “collection.” Select it. Drag your sets to the center, just like you did with your items when creating a set, and when finished hit “publish.”

creating a collection from create

Once you have collections set up it is super easy to add to them or to create a new one. Start with your newly published set. Then click on the “+collection” button. There will be a pop up window with a place for you to either choose a previous collection or to create a new one. Follow all the prompts and hit “Add.” And you are done!

adding to a collection

I think we covered most of the basics on using Polyvore. You have a couple of options for downloading your graphic so that you can print or share in any context outside of polyvore.

The first is that you can pin the item to pinterest and then once on pinterest you have the option to right click on your mouse and save as a download.

The second option is to do a screen shot of the image. I find that this results in the clearest picture of the graphic and have chosen to use this as my most used method. Check your specific computer to find out exactly how to take a screenshot of it, as each computer might be slightly different.

If you want to go back and edit your graphic, you can. Simply go to the set, and choose edit. Remember though that it will change your graphic. Even if you save it as something different, it will override the first. So I would suggest saving a copy of the original before you edit. I have not yet found a way to change a set and then save it as something different, so that both graphics are available. If you figure it out, I would love to know!

And that’s it! Again, my polyvore name is @adaynasmile. I’d love it if you followed me, and if you let me know what your account name is so that I can follow you. I can’t wait to see what awesome graphics you come up with!


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