Imagine a world where troubled teens get taken to a camp where they can be put to better use. A world where there is no abortion. A world where unwanted babies get dropped off at people’s doorsteps and called “storks.”

Imagine a world where all health problems can be solved. A world without cancer, or diabetes. Without lost limbs or blindness.

Sounds good, right?

But everything has a price.

Where do the limbs come from? The organs? And what do the troubled teens do at the camp?

The answer is unwinding.

Unwinding takes a troubled kid apart piece by piece, limb by limb, and organ by organ, making each part usable in another human being. Through grafting, the teen can continue to live in a divided state, one in which he/she is now useful to the world in which he/she lives.

But what about the orphans? The ones who don’t get taken in by loving families?

What if a person is just not perfect enough?

And what if a family decides to raise a child to be “sacrificed” as a tithe or a gift to God in return for blessings?

When is it ethical to sacrifice the life of one for the benefit of others?

In this chilling dystopian series by Neal Shusterman, this is the world in which America has embraced.

A world of Harvest Camps, where “feral” teens are sent to live in a divided state. A state in which their bodies, and body parts are sent to be used by others in society.

An unwind order can be signed for any reason. Even taking the teenage by complete surprise.

But there is a resistance. A group of AWOL teenagers who have slipped underground. Some are in hiding. And others are fighting. Fighting for a change. And still others are losing their lives in the battle by becoming a terrorist, hoping that the sacrifice will lead to a new world.

Connor Lassiter is one of these AWOL teenagers. He is nicknamed the Akron AWOL because it is in Akron, Ohio where he begins his adventure as an AWOL. The story continues following Connor and the people who join him in a fight for life.


Unwind is the first novel in a series in which Shusterman takes his readers on a ride through this tumulus society.

It is a gripping series in which positives of modern medicine are looked at from a completely different angle. What would you do if this society came to be? Would you fight for the rights of the teenagers? Or would you stand by, saying nothing because of the good the divided teenagers are doing?

Unwind, Unstrung (short story), Unwholly, and Unsouled are the first three and a half books in the series. A fourth book is due out this Fall. All four books have kept me captivated from page one and all the way through the end. Although the concept disturbs me, it is also very fascinating. The characters are impossible to forget, and worked their way into my heart.

Have you read any of Neal Shusterman’s books? Which ones were your favorites?

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