Soar High Little Ladybug!

I wanted to write this yesterday but today seems just as appropriate.

A beautiful little angel did not quite make it to her 4th birthday. She lost her battle against a rare brain cancer the other day. Yesterday her family, friends, and the community, rallied together to release pink balloons in honor of her short life. Today, they buried her precious little body.

Lara is a member of my diabetic mama community. Her oldest is diabetic like my little S. Last year, in March, her little girl, Brylee, was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). You can read more about it HERE but basically it is a horrible brain cancer. Less than 10% survive 18 months after diagnosis and even less survive past that.

We were all hoping and praying for Brylee. That she would be the one who would pull through. But we watched as she was more and more in pain.

Today I am thankful.

I am thankful for Brylee. For her short precious life. For the joy that she brought to her family, and the people around her.

I am thankful for Lara. For the way she has stood strong through it all and fought for her precious baby girl. For the way she kept a positive outlook most of the time, even as she watched her baby suffer.

I am thankful for the community that has surrounded Lara and her family. For all the people who have raised money, and reached out to the family in many different ways. To all of my friends who prayed for this special baby and her family, even though they had no connection with her.

And I am thankful that Brylee is finally out of pain. It is sad to see her leave earth but I am grateful that she is now in the Father’s arms where she can hurt no more. Where no more tears can be shed and where she can run and play like the happy little girl she should have been able to be on this earth.

Brylee, I know I never met you in person, but you will be missed. And your smile will continue to live on in our hearts.

Soar high little Ladybug! Soar high!

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*You can read more about Brylee’s story at Brylee in 5 and donate to the family. Due to the hardships of the cancer and life in the hospital, the family is in great need right now. Any little bit that can be donated would be appreciated. Lara is also raising money in an effort to help support other families who are facing the same diagnosis. Through all of her pain and suffering, she has broken through and is caring for others around her. She is a true inspiration.

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