Five Minute Friday: Close

Its been awhile since the last time I joined in on Lisa-Jo Baker’s Friday writing prompt. You can check out the others under “creative writing.”

Let me first say that I love Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog. She has been so inspirational and encouraging to me on my rough days of motherhood. She always seems to have just the right words to hit wherever I am at that moment. If you are feeling discouraged as a mother, I recommend checking out her posts.

And without further adieu here’s my five minutes of writing. Unscripted, unedited, unperfected.


They have their moments. They are brothers after all. But I am so grateful at how close they are. Together they find ways to entertain themselves, and each other. Together they can conquer the world. Together they can battle all the bad guys this planet has ever seen. Together they can do anything! Sure there are moments. Moments when that closeness has its downfalls. Moments when they wish that they weren’t so close. But there has never been a moment in their lives where I haven’t been grateful to have them be as close as they are.

I will never forget finding out that I was pregnant again. So soon! And it was basically 18 months of pregnancy. It was rough! I will not deny that. And there were days…oh there were days! That first year after T was born, that I wanted to simply curl up and be done. But I am so grateful that it worked the way that it did.

T and S are the best of friends. They are so close to one another and that makes my heart happy. They wouldn’t have the bond that they have if they weren’t so close in age. Sure they might have a great relationship. But I don’t think the bond would be as strong. Because they are so close, they do everything together. EVERYTHING. And I love it. I love that they need each other, that they want each other, that they love each other…that they are as close as any two siblings could be.

Sherwood and Tobias for blogAnd I pray that it continues. I pray that they stay the best of friends. That they continue to be close through the years. Through the tears. Through the hardships. And through the joys. That they stand next to one another as the other gets married. And they snuggle their brother’s children. I pray that they call each other to say hi and that they make an effort to visit one another. I simply pray that they continue to be close.


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Five Minute Friday

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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Close

  1. stephanie says:

    Love this! Most of my children are two years apart, but i do have one set that are nineteen months apart and they are so physically adorable, side by side, even though they are completely the opposite in personality. I bet your boys do stay close – what a blessing to have each other!

    • adaynasmile says:

      Thank you! Its fun to see them next to one another, isn’t it? My boys are still so little they are developing their personalities. But its fun to see how well they can get along and to see how much they need one another. I feel completely blessed. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Kelly Blackwell says:

    How darling are your sons? I think it is truly wonderful that they are so close, and bless your heart for handling pregnancy, birth and then pregnancy so close! God bless you! I have a friend who has two adopted children and they are about a year and a half apart. I don’t know how she does it.
    Dropping by from FMF. Loved the visit! 🙂

    • adaynasmile says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! They are two of my three treasures. 🙂 It was definitely hard and there are moments (typed as the baby grabs my legs and cries at me). But God knows what He is doing and He has blessed us tremendously.

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