Low Carb, Healthy Pizza?

Are you following THM? Have a diabetic in your family? Following an Atkins plan? On WIC? Or simply want a healthier option for pizza? Than I have a solution for you!

Now if you are following the THM plan, then you will recognize this pizza as the “Fool Me Pizza.” Although the recipe that I am linking to is not exactly the same, it is similar in ingredients and nature. THM’ers can give this recipe a try (minus the cornmeal), or follow the one in the book.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe

Looks like pizza, doesn’t it? Hence the “Fooled Me” title given by THM.

My crust looks amazing doesn’t it?

Here it is topped and cooking away in the oven.


I made half with pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, and of course, cheese. The other half I topped with ricotta (for added protein) and cheese. The whole thing got a nice coating (about 3 Tbsps) of Ragu Pizza Sauce.

And the last two slices…

(I apologize for the quality of photos as I used my phone to snap these while I was cooking. But hopefully the deliciousness will still find its way through the screen.)

You can top it with anything you want. Cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, ricotta, chicken, peppers, onions…the list goes on! Use a pizza sauce (make sure it is sugar free!) or an alfredo sauce. You can even make your own sauces! Or try a buffalo chicken pizza. Be creative. The crust lends itself well to many different, creative combinations.

For diabetics, this is a super low carb meal. A head of cauliflower is about 29 grams of carbs but it also has 12 grams of fiber. If you only make up half of that it would be about 15 total carbs for the whole pizza or would be about 9 net carbs. Your toppings may or may not add more carbs. Completely depends on you and what you add. This should not spike sugars as it is all fairly low glycemic. But again, watch your toppings as you may react differently to various toppings than another person will.

To keep it entirely within WIC budget use cheese provided by WIC, buy fresh cauliflower (half a medium head was plenty), make your own sauce from scratch (although sugar free pizza sauce by Rague or Walmart are only about a $1 for far more than a family of 4 would need), use eggs, and whatever fresh veggies you want. Add a side salad to get the most of your WIC items, and to fill you up with green veggies.

With THM remember to keep this an S meal. So full fat cheese and meats are acceptable. Skip the carrots on your salad (or at least keep it to a minimum), but add a great fatty dressing.

If doing Atkins, it depends on what carb limit you have for the day. Generally you can still eat a lot of this without going over any limits set. Make sure to choose toppings that will accommodate your Atkins plan.

Always remember to watch out for dressings that contain sugar in them. It is a challenge to find a dressing that does not have it as an ingredient. The best option is to make your own.

My favorite dressing includes green onions, salt, pepper, garlic powder, mixed in an olive oil and lemon juice base. I also love to use hummus to dip my lettuce in (if you make from scratch you can thin it with the oil you use to make it), or to use a salsa and cream cheese dressing. Guacamole type dressings are also very delicious.

Let me know if you make this delicious pizza and how it turns out!

Bon Appetit!

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      Thank you Sherry for noticing that the link in the post was missing. There was a link connected on the picture but I have now made sure that there is one in the blog itself as well. Sorry for that!

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