Can I ask you a question?

Let’s take a look at the following scenarios.

A couple are desperate to have a child. But the woman has PCOS and has been struggling to have get pregnant. She has been to infertility clinics and talked to a variety of different doctors. She had to inject herself with hormone shots.

Finally she and her husband decide to go through IVF. They take his sperm and her egg and implant them in her uterus. She hopes and prays that she will FINALLY be able to have the beautiful baby that she has been longing for.

Down the street two teenagers just got out of prom. They have been dating for months and have held off on moving their relationship further. They decide that this is the night. This magical night of youth. He gets a hotel room and the two of them lose their virginity to one another.

At a university around the corner a college girl goes to a sorority party. She picks up the wrong drink and ends up consuming the “date rape drug.” She endures being violently raped by a group of frat boys.

Another couple across town are married, live in a nice little house, with great job security. They already have a 1 year old and want to expand their family at some point but haven’t decided when they are going to try again.

Now, lets imagine that ALL of these women get pregnant.

The woman who has longed for a child is finally pregnant!

The teenage girl who is planning on heading off to college in a year is now faced with some big decisions.

The party girl has no clue who the baby even belongs to and every moment reminds her of the horrors of that night.

The married couple longed for another child, but this child came unexpectedly. They are excited but scared about the possibility of having two babies so close in age.

Now here’s my question for you: Which “fetus” is a baby?

Is the baby that was implanted into the uterus of the couple longing for a baby a baby? Or is it simply a cluster of cells?

Is the baby created by the teenagers a baby or is it just an inconvenience? Does it have a heartbeat?

What about the baby conceived in rape a baby? Did the rape take away the humanity of the unborn baby?

And the couple who got pregnant earlier than expected? Is that still a baby in her womb?

The truth is that it doesn’t matter how the baby was conceived. No matter what, it is a baby.

That child has potential. Potential to change the world, or at least your life, in a way that no one else can.

That child has a heartbeat. It has fingers and toes. It has toenails. It has a brain. And it will eventually grow into a sweet, cute little baby.

Here’s what breaks my heart. Our society has decided that a baby is not a baby until it is born IF it is an unwanted child.

If it is a child that was conceived at the wrong time then it is a child of inconvenience. If it was conceived in the wrong circumstances then it is a child of disgust. But it is still a child. It is NOT a part of a woman’s body. It is NOT a woman’s choice. It is MURDER.


I don’t say this to upset you if you have had an abortion. Forgiveness can be found. But I want to make this clear to our society who seems to be very unclear on this subject.

There is not a time in the pregnancy when it becomes less or more murder. To think that it is okay to have an abortion at 5 weeks but not at 24 weeks is ridiculous. The child is simply older.

A baby right after birth is no less a baby than it is at 24 weeks old. How is it any different in the womb?

Why do we celebrate and call the baby a baby when it is wanted but call it a “cluster of cells” or a fetus if it isn’t?

I recently read a report that said that 41% of all babies conceived in New York City are aborted. 41%.

Think about that.

Half of the babies conceived are murdered before even given a chance to be born.

And the Gosnell case? You may not have heard about it. But he practiced illegal late term abortions. He collected the baby body parts in jars. He snapped the back of the babies’ necks with scissors to kill them after delivering them. He killed some of the women due to his incompetence and bad practices. He did horrible things that are being uncovered during his trial.

People are outraged by this case. At least the ones who have heard of it.

But did you know that this is going on in most, if not all clinics in the country?

Did you know that in order to avoid having to help a baby in late term abortions they will stuff a breathing baby into a jar of liquid to make sure that it drowns?


They go into the woman’s uterus, cut the umbilical cord, suction out the baby, and if it comes out whole they are LEGALLY required to get it medical help. But many clinics are being found to not only not help the baby but to stuff the baby in jars so that the baby will stop breathing.

If the baby doesn’t come out in one piece, they keep suctioning to get all the pieces out, and place all the pieces in jars to send off to the lab so that they can be accounted for, to make sure that all the pieces are out of the woman.

Did you hear that?

They destroy the baby to the point of it being in little pieces.

And those feet that Gosnell had in jars?

Other clinics do that with the feet of aborted babies too.

Is it any less heinous if it is a smaller baby? A baby who can fit whole within a jar?

No. Even if the baby is the size of my hand, the size of my pinky, that baby deserves to have a chance to live.

The woman who tried hard to conceive on her own and finally gets pregnant through IVF rejoices over every little milestone the baby makes inside of her. Even before she is aware she is pregnant her little one’s heartbeat has started beating (around 5 weeks). The first movements feel like tickles and her husband rejoices in being able to feel them.

When the other women’s babies go through these milestones, are they any less important? Are those babies any less babies?

If life starts at the first heartbeat (as some propose) then at 5 weeks a baby is just that, a baby.

If you still need some convincing there are a lot of resources out there. One movie I highly recommend is called “180.” I have attached it below. It is a bit long but worth a watch.

Remember that a child is no less a child, no less a human being, when conceived in horrible circumstances. There is help! There are places to help you get through the pregnancy and people who will happily take your baby when you deliver if keeping it is not an option. Adoption is a wonderful option and a great alternative.

I pray for you, and for your loved ones. I pray for our country. Those of us who know that abortion is wrong need to stand together. We need to pray for our country and we need to spread the knowledge of the horrors that are going on in clinics. Too many are ignorant and we have lived in ignorance too long.

Those of us who are Christians must band together and stand strong! We cannot in good conscious live as though abortion is okay and not murder. Those are God’s children who are being slaughtered on a daily basis. 3,425 babies are killed every day.

Here is a great link of statistics. Here’s another great site. Another of statistics. And another.

Do some research. Learn more about this heinous practice. Pray. Spread the knowledge. And let our country know that we do not support this! (Planned Parenthood is praised by our current president and yet they are one of the largest abortion clinics in our country. Do you want your taxes to go towards making it easier for women to kill their babies? I know I don’t. Not to mention Obamacare and the morning after pill…)

Please take some time to really look at this. Do not turn a blind eye. Our children are being slaughtered. And it is not going to stop unless we stand up and say something. My prayer is that we can fight this injustice, this Holocaust, that is occurring in America (and other countries) today.



One thought on “Can I ask you a question?

  1. Kyra says:

    Thank you for speaking out on this. I literally get sick to my stomach when I hear about these abortion stories. My husband and I just had a discussion about this evil practice. It seems people are trying to find some place to draw the line, as if the whole thing is a grey area. But it’s not grey at all. Its completely black and white. Murder is murder. Something that comes to mind is a quote from Dr. Seuss’ “Horton Hears A Who” something to the effect of, “a person’s a person no matter how small.” And may I add, “…no matter how small, or at what stage in development.”

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