12 Weeks…

Its been 12 weeks. Twelve weeks since my little G was born. Hard to believe that it has already been so long. He is HUGE! The kid looks like he is a 6 month old. In fact, he is about to move into 6 month clothing. As soon as I get it all sorted and washed. Here is a great shot of him all spread out in the pack n play yesterday. (Note: my mama made that gorgeous quilt he is sleeping on.)


I took a great picture of the three boys today. The older boys are so in love with their little brother. They want to be near him, to play with him, to read to him, to kiss him…it touches my heart how much they love him and each other. I am so blessed!


We’ve been devouring smoothies lately. I have been hiding all kinds of veggies in it but mostly spinach. I love the spinach because it has a very subtle taste. It can be covered up so easily. Kale is our other favorite but that one I notice more. T loves them no matter what. Yesterday I made a chocolate peanut butter one that was absolutely delicious!

I started by using my food processor to grind up the frozen spinach with a bit of milk. It does a better job of getting it nice and pureed. Then I transferred it to the blender where I added a couple of large tablespoons of peanut butter, and a Atkins chocolate shake. It was pretty runny. I did add some ice but it was still thin. But that’s okay. It was amazingly delicious and T and I devoured it!

I also made chocolate peanut butter this week with my new food processor (got it for half off and I LOVE it!). I used the peanut butter we get through WIC (2 heaping tablespoons), some powdered choclate (1/2 cup), milk (amount needed for desired consistency poured in from the top), and a tiny bit of Truvia (to taste). The boys love it! Here’s a picture of its creaminess.


I made enough to fill our old chocolate peanut butter container. Only downside is keeping it in the fridge and using it up in a timely manner (because of the milk) but we go through it so fast that I’m not too worried.

Last Sunday was Easter. We had great fun on Saturday with a small hunt in our kitchen/dining room. I put the boys’ lunch in their eggs and they loved opening each egg to find all the different parts. Here is S’s plate. He organized it so nicely. T just dumped it all on his plate.


Sunday we had a nice time with our friend Amber who joined us for church and then spent the afternoon/evening with us. I’m so grateful she was able to celebrate with us.

Dinner was different than anything I had ever made before.

First I made a ham in the crock pot. I adapted a recipe that I found online. I love this particular website as I have found several recipes that have worked successfully for my family of picky kids.

I did alter it a bit. I used apple juice instead of pineapple juice, because it was what we had on hand. I also put cut potatoes, and fresh green beans in the crock pot with the ham. Let me tell you, I am not a huge fan of ham, but this was amazing! So sweet, and moist. And the potatoes and green beans…oh! There isn’t a word describe the amazing taste of the caramelization. And the green beans were still nice and crisp. Yum!

I skipped my family’s traditional sweet potatoes and made this sweet potato and apple recipe. I did use more apple juice than the recipe called for and added a little bit of brown sugar and cinnamon. It was delicious!

I served the boys leftover mac and cheese because it was the one thing I knew they were guaranteed to eat (and yet only S ate it, go figure). I did give them a little of everything else to try as well but they didn’t even touch the other stuff. With the exception of the rolls.

About a month ago we discovered Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuit mix at Sam’s. I decided Easter was the perfect time to give them a try. Oh my goodness! They are delicious! Pretty much just like the ones at Red Lobster. So good! Not healthy, I am sure, but a delicious way to enjoy a favorite part of dinner out, while at home.

Amber brought us some delicious cupcakes from Walmart. Oh my! So good! I really need to not be allowed to have deserts though. I am such a pig and have no self control!

The only bad thing was that I cut my thumb. Pretty deeply. And it wouldn’t stop bleeding. I cut it at 1:30 while cutting my sweet potatoes, and it was still bleeding when we decided to go to the ER at 8:00. I went through several wraps of bandages. When they got me into the ER all they did was washed it, put a foam thing on it, and wrapped it back up. It is healing nicely now. But it has been quite a challenge to do things without using my right thumb.

As far as my weight loss goes, I haven’t lost anything. I also haven’t really made a concerted effort to work out. I have been working on recipes for myself and my family, and have been trying to incorporate more healthy options into our diets. I have been drinking more tea (a mixture of black and green sweetened with a little Truvia) as opposed to soda (diet or regular) and I have been trying to get more veggies into my diet. Smoothies have definitely become my best friend in that aspect because it is a lot easier for me to drink a big glass of veggies then it is for me to eat them.

This week I need to focus on drinking more water. I have not wanted water lately and I think I am feeling the effects of that. So I am going to work on doing a better job on that this week. Still hoping to find time to get some exercise in. Hoping we can do some walks as a family this week (we took one last night) since it is FINALLY warming up a bit.

And that is how things are going in my life. How are they in yours?

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One thought on “12 Weeks…

  1. MaryO says:

    I’m on a smoothie kick too! Love throwing all healthy, whole foods in the blender and having it taste good! Usually when I have veggies they coated in fattening dressing or butter, but I get all my fruits and veggies in by drinking 2 smoothies a day (although I’m much better about making them while working– I haven’t had a single smoothie since last week when spring break started)

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