And the number is…


So, not too bad. I am up a pound from two weeks ago but I guess the work I have put into food choices has paid off.

We are working on cutting out processed foods from our diet. As I mentioned last time I have been trying to make a lot of foods from scratch, freezing them to use instead of processed versions. This has been working well.

Here is a picture of the waffles I made today.

The recipe comes from One a Month Mom and is a “copy cat” Eggo. I used half whole wheat flour and half white instead of all white. This made it far more filling. I used Truvia instead of sugar which helped the carb count. They were delicious. And S liked them without syrup which is a huge bonus in carb counting.

I also experimented with making homemade yogurt. So yummy! It currently is plain but I can flavor it in a variety of ways. I am not a fan of plain yogurt. But this…this is something else. There are tons of links online to bloggers who have made it but here is the one I primarily used.

Here it is being strained to make it nice and thick.

And here is the finished, thick, and creamy yogurt.

So here is how I have done the last two weeks.

Starting weight: 225 pounds

Today’s weight: 220 pounds

Two week’s ago: 219 pounds

Pounds lost to date: 25 pounds

Pounds to goal (175 pounds): 45 pounds

Here are my most recent pictures.

This one is blurry but really shows the progress.

I really have one goal this week. To find a time to work out. Its been quite a struggle with the boys the last few weeks. I am going to keep working on my family’s diet, including portion sizes, and make changes wherever possible. Hopefully this will be a more successful week for me.

How are things going for you? Are you meeting your own personal goals?

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PS. We got snow today! Boo! I am so ready for tank tops, flip flops, and sunny days at the park. But I got a great picture of the beautiful large flakes that were pouring out of the sky earlier today.

2 thoughts on “And the number is…

  1. Tricia Maze says:

    Lookin’ good! I might try that recipe. Homemade really tastes better, saves a lot of money, and is so much better for you. For exercise, maybe you could find a way to exercise while doing your daily activities. Calf raises as you cook. Wall push-ups while you have to wait for something (laundry, microwave, etc). Squats while you watch tv. I do this at work sometimes. The kids either look at me like I’m nuts or join me. I bet your boys would like to try to copy their momma! ❤

    • adaynasmile says:

      Thanks! I do do those kinds of exercises. And I run around the house with the boys. Lol! But being trapped in the house because of the weather and having to have one child in my arms pretty much at all times makes it difficult. When I do try to squeeze a workout in, they end up dragging me away. Its not an excuse. I need to figure out a time. And I appreciate the encouragement. I will make an extra effort tomorrow while I am doing things around the house. 🙂

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