Life is more than a number on the scale…

Its a good thing too. Cause I have gained weight again the last two weeks. I will have to weigh in tomorrow morning because my evening weight is not consistent with the weights I have been posting. But my evening weight is up 5 pounds from two weeks ago. Hopefully it is all due to water and food.

But life is more than that. And the last two weeks have reminded me of that.

I want to lose weight. I want to be a healthier person. And I am working towards that goal. But it is more important to me to be a good mother and a good wife. To be a more devout follower of Christ, and to share my love of God with my children. THAT is where my focus has been over the last few weeks.

We’ve been battling illnesses. Ear infections, and now something mysterious. We have also dealt with multiple doctor’s appointments. I have been to the base clinic 8 times in the last three weeks. We have been up to Philly for endo appointments twice. We also had a WIC appointment. G was supposed to have his 2 month appointment but I canceled it so that I could go to Bible study on Wednesday morning. Mistake because now we have to wait a month to get him in. Oh well.

Here’s my sick T yesterday as he slept sitting in my arms on the couch. Poor kiddo had a fever between 101-104 all day on Thursday. He spent two days just crying and laying on the couch refusing to eat or really drink or do much of anything.

Both boys got perfect 100s on their meters.

S got one on Monday night before dinner at our favorite chicken place after a long day of appointments. I took a picture of him and he gave me a “cheese” smile which apparently meant that his eyes needed to be closed.

T got a perfect 100 the next day and wanted a picture of it too but then wouldn’t hold the meter or stand still for the photo. Silly kiddo!

We have learned that both my older boys have shot up a bunch over the last couple of months. S is 35 pounds and 36 inches tall. T is 30 pounds and 34 inches tall. S has moved up to 3 or 4T clothes, although we have very little of them so I am squeezing him into as many of the 2T clothes as I can. T has moved up to 2T only and probably will be in 3T before I know it. He has a skinny waist but is almost as tall as his brother!

G has grown a lot too. I don’t know the stats since he hasn’t been in for an appointment but I do know that he is almost out of 3 month clothes. And he is only 10 weeks old! Its amazing the difference between him and his brothers.

G has some of the best smiles and he loves his big brothers. T loves to play with him and give him kisses. He gets upset when I don’t lay G on the floor so that he can play with him. The other day S and T took turns reading to G. It was adorable!

Here is a blurry attempt to catch his smile.

We celebrated T’s 2nd birthday at the beginning of the month. It was great to see him so excited about his presents and cards. S was so jealous! He didn’t understand why he wasn’t getting things too.

We were blessed to celebrate T’s birthday with a few of our friends. We enjoyed pizza and cupcakes and just a chance to be with some of our favorite local people. T just loved being surrounded by such wonderful people. And he really loved the boat that C got him!

The cupcakes were such a challenge for me though! We bought them at Sam’s and I LOVE Sam’s cupcakes. I couldn’t stop eating them. Next time I am not getting cupcakes. I’m sticking with their smallest cake. I ended up having to throw a lot of them away just so I wouldn’t eat them anymore. They are just so yummy!

This week I did a bit better food wise though. I made up a bunch of fresh foods to store in the freezer. Here are just a few things that I tried. has a great chicken nugget recipe. Check them out for a bunch of other great kid friendly ideas. These chicken nuggets are only 2 carbs per nugget, are filled with healthy ingredients and are delicious! I just need to find where I can get larger quantities of ground chicken because they freeze well. The ground chicken is the real secret to making these kid friendly!–Zy4yAs0/

I got some fresh mango from Sam’s. A giant container of deliciously wonderful mango. I love me some mango! So I made us up some mango salsa to go on top of grilled chicken breasts for dinner one night. I loved the mango salsa so much that I just ate it straight out of the container! I did use chips to eat some of it but some of it I just scooped right out!

I also made some fresh tomato salsa. Super easy to mix up at the same time since so many of the ingredients are the same! This worked perfectly on our homemade chicken burritos (with shredded chicken I cooked in the crock pot and refried beans I also made in the crock pot).

I also tried a recipe from for an avocado dressing. It was yummy and I did like it on my salad, but to be honest it wasn’t that different from a liquid-y guacamole. We ate most of it on our chicken burritos the second night.

I bought a big bag of kale, a box of spinach, and a big bag of mixed veggies which I packaged into serving sizes and put in the freezer to be grabbed out at different times. The boys and I have been experimenting with various combinations of smoothies. T really likes them. S likes the idea of them but only sometimes actually drinks them. He really liked the peppermint one that T and I didn’t really like.

This was my go to meal last week when I was eager for Taco Bell. I think I ate it three times! Since then i have seen it pop up on several blogs.

Its simple. Just spray a tortilla (warm is best) and place in either a muffin tin or small oven safe bowl (mine are Pyrex). Bake at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes or until brown. Fill with your favorite taco/burrito ingredients. I made some brown rice (try this technique for the best brown rice ever!), refried beans, shredded chicken and topped it with salsa and cheese. Yum!

In honor of spring the boys and I have been talking about butterflies and caterpillars. We have read their favorite, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle.

Here are our butterflies that we made with paper towels and coffee filters, water and food coloring. Some we dunked in watered down food coloring. Some we squeezed food coloring onto and sprayed with water. The boys loved the activity and S loved the final result with the pipe cleaners twisted on. I can’t wait to get fishing line and hang them up!

We are working on learning colors, counting, and the letter “B”. T has surprised me by how much he is picking up when I teach S. They are such smart boys!

I’m feeling blessed. Sure things are rough right now (we have more blood work being done on T to find out what is going on with him as he is still having issues) but they are also good. I am so grateful to have such a beautiful family!

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