And the Drama Continues…

I know I have been missing…again. I have all these blogs to write. All these recipes that I have been trying and want to share. And yet, I haven’t gotten my external hard drive hooked up to my computer so I can re-install all the stuff I have on photoshop so I can edit my photos. Or back them up.

Meanwhile drama has ensued in my home once again.

Remember how I said that T was diagnosed with ketotic hypoglycemia about a month ago? Well now he is having higher sugars.

It started on the 12th of October. He woke up with a low blood sugar and high ketones. To be expected with his diagnosis when sick, but it was pretty much out of the blue.

We fed him and he threw up. We suspect it was because he was shoveling banana into his mouth super fast and not chewing, more so than because of his ketones.

We got his sugars up and I called it in. But then he ended up jumping super high. 330. 200 and above is considered high.

We kept an eye on him and as the day progressed his ketones disappeared and the sugars regulated.

Since then his numbers have been higher than normal but still in the normal range. With the exception of one night when he was at 220 in the middle of the night.

But he is drinking like crazy! He drinks close to a gallon of water a day! He is soaking through his diapers.

Yet no ketones. And no vomiting.

He is waking in the middle of the night shaky and screaming. But his sugars are not all that high.

So today we had an endocrinology appointment.

The doc took a look at the blood work that was done in May and in September. Turns out that he had a “slight positive” on one of the antibodies that he was tested for. Not entirely sure what that means except that it is a higher likelihood that he is developing diabetes. Everything else looked okay.

But she decided to run some more blood tests, including an A1C (the test that shows an average of blood sugars over a 3 month period), and a urine sample to check if there is sugar being peed out.

We are continuing to monitor the sugars and keep a close eye on the water that he drinks. Next week we should know more. Hopefully we will get some answers.

I am hoping, praying, that if he is developing diabetes, that a) we are able to catch it before he is in DKA so that he won’t have to go to PICU, and b) that it will be before little guy is born so that we don’t have to deal with a newborn as well as a new diagnosis.

I feel selfish is wishing that they would find out that he is diabetic now. I DON’T want him to be diabetic. I just want answers. I want him to be better. And I want to avoid a nightmare like the one we went through with S.

In other news, Baby number 3 is growing well. Other than some stomach issues (heartburn!) and some aches and pains, I am doing well. He is a mover and a shaker. And he is measuring perfectly for his gestational age. So far everything is right on target.

I long to hold my little man in my arms and kiss his precious forehead. But I am glad that he is staying put for now. We are at 27 weeks and I am hoping for 10 more.

And we have found a name! At least the first name. We are still a bit uncertain about the middle name but have agreed upon a first name. S even likes it! He has been using it as much as he uses the name “baby” when he talks about the little one. He’s very excited about being a big brother again!

S is doing great on the pump! We had a check up on the 8th and his A1C has drastically improved. He was at 9.8% in May, which is about where he had been since diagnosis, and means his average sugars were in the 200s. This time his A1C was at 7.8, meaning his average sugars are in the upper 100s. This is exactly where we want him to be (as long as it is not due to a lot of lows)!

And he is doing so well with the site changes. He does cry a little. Who wouldn’t cry about having a giant needle poked into you to insert a little tube? It doesn’t hurt much (I’ve had it done on me), but it isn’t pleasant. But he is over it in minutes and moves on. He will tell you that we give him “owies” though if you ask him about it! But every time I ask if he would rather have shots he says “No shots! No shots! No shots!” and cries, leaving me content in the decision we have made.

It helps too that we can give him “tickles” (his pump vibrates when he gets insulin delivered and he thinks it is funny) multiple times during a meal. This simulates what our pancreas does naturally and is much easier to deal with than the shots. Plus, we are able to give him much more precise doses, which helps to keep him stable.

All in all it has been a positive change for our family.

Aaron is only taking one class this semester which has helped us to be able to see him more often. He is a bit bored with it even though he thought it would be an interesting class.

Recently he got put in for Airman of the Year which is quite an honor whether he wins it or not. He won Airman of the Quarter from his squadron and brushed it off as no big deal. But I am proud of my husband and the work that he puts in at his job.

And that’s an update of what is going on in our household. Hope things are going well for you!


2 thoughts on “And the Drama Continues…

  1. MaryO says:

    Wow, you are dealing with lots! The uncertainty would frustrate me. My hubby is working and going back to school too and it’s really hard when he can’t be home as much as we would like, I’m glad your hubby can be around a little more right now, I’m sure that helps.

    • adaynasmile says:

      Thanks Mary! Yeah, I am so grateful that he is only taking one class this semester. His semesters are short but the last one we didn’t see him much. He worked all week and then studied all weekend. It was hard. Got about 80 days left til they induce me (if baby doesn’t come as I am sure he will). Hoping things settle at least a little before then.

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