Five Minute Friday: Wide

Okay so its been several weeks in a row that I haven’t made it on a Friday. But that’s not going to stop me from writing! Please check out Lisa Jo Baker’s blog for more info on Five Minute Fridays. And if you have a blog, consider joining in. Its a lot of fun!


The river is wide. My love is wide. My arms are wide.

Those are all good things to say about yourself. Or about others.

My hips are wide is not usually a good thing to say about yourself and even worse to say about someone else.

But my hips ARE wide.

And I earned that width!

Sure, I would love for them to shrink back and to someday have that skinny body that matches the ideal shown on magazines, in tv shows/movies, and on all the billboards.

But since I have earned my hips through childbearing, I cannot even dream of trading them in.

These hips have been used to carry three children since September of 2009. That’s three years of spreading, and working hard to bear children. Three years of preparing to bring my little loves into the world.

And as they spread more with my third child, all I can think is how much I have given to have these children. And how I would never trade it for anything.

There are days when I miss the days before motherhood. Oh but those moments are shortlived. Another moment happens and my children surprise me with laughter and joy in a way that no one else can. No one else can love me the way that they do.

And because of that, I cannot regret that I have wide hips. Those wide hips have allowed me to bring such joys into my life.



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