Pump Learning Curve

There is a learning curve with the pump. I knew there would be. I knew that it would require a gazillion changes. But I didn’t know how frustrating it was going to be.

We have adjusted the amount of insulin that S receives during different hours of the day.

We have tried different insets and learned that the ones that go straight in do not work for us. It is not due to kinks (which can happen with the cannulas) but due to the inability to keep them in his body. They just don’t go deep enough and even with extra tape they simply fall off.

We have had to do several different inset changes, even though it is only supposed to happen every three days. Simply because the various styles didn’t stay put. Or due to high blood sugars, and worrying that it was a kink in the cannula.

We have had to wash pump pouches over and over again because of leaky diapers. Leaky diapers due to high blood sugars and the body’s effort to keep ketones at bay. My little guy makes me proud with his ability to drink water when his sugars are high.

But, I wouldn’t get rid of it. I love not having to give shots. Even having to change an inset every day is better than having to do shots every 3-4 hours. I love being able to give him part of his insulin before he eats and then another part of it as he eats and another part after he is finally done. All without bothering him one bit.

I love how proud he is of his pump. How he tells me about it all the time. How he wants to show it to everyone.

I love being able to let him pick out fabric so that he can have a variety of pump pouches to wear during the day. He gets so excited about having different options that are of his favorite things.

I love that we can give him such small amounts to fine tune his sugars. I just wish that all our ratios and basal rates were set correctly. But once they are, I think it is going to be amazing!

I love that it will be easier for other people to take care of him. They will only have to take his sugars and push some buttons (following what the pump suggests) without any guessing or math involved. Maybe my hubby and I can get some date nights in at some point!

All in all the positives that we have to look forward to far outweigh the negatives that we are dealing with right now. I am excited for the future and for sugars that are, hopefully, far more controlled than they have been.

A year will have passed on Thursday since S was diagnosed. I am eager to see how the pump helps us in the next year. I am grateful for this year and pray that we have many years to come!






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