Dear Diabetes

Dear Diabetes,

I hate you more today than usual.

It was one year ago today when S started vomiting for what appeared to be no reason. One year ago today that started this hellish ride.

I will never forget that day. Being forced to leave our home due to a hurricane. S throwing up over and over again in the backseat of the car as we drove up to Niagara Falls. That horribly late night. Getting in to Buffalo too late for our reservations and having to find another hotel to stay at. It was not a good day.

I have good memories of that trip. But poor S was miserable. I feel bad now that I was so short tempered with him. Had I known then the havoc you were creating on his tiny little body…

He was only 15 months old! He couldn’t even walk yet.

But it doesn’t matter. He is my son. I will do whatever I have to do to protect him. You have not gotten the better of him. Nor have you gotten the better of my family. You might bring me down for a day or two. You might make his life difficult. But we will rise. We will soar. And we will fight this battle with everything we have in us!

Diabetes, you CANNOT have my son. I will not let you win. We will continue to pray for a cure. And we will continue to fight you every day. But you will not win.

My chin is up, my lines are drawn, and I am ready. I am ready to fight that 67 with some carbs. I am ready to fight that 600 with some insulin. I will not sleep if that’s what it takes. I will protect my baby. He is NOT yours. He is mine! And I love him far too much to allow you to have him.

I know you won’t go away. And I hate you for that. But know that the lines are drawn, and that this mama is willing and ready to fight.


S’s mama

2 thoughts on “Dear Diabetes

  1. Ur old coworker says:

    You are such a hero in my book Dana. I would never be able to be as brave as you! Stay strong mama! Ur family is in my prayers. Love u!

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