A Little Video Entertainment About Diabetes

I could be tedious and say that I hate diabetes. Which I do. Or complain about all the worry it brings, and the lack of sleep. All the pain I have to give my child on a regular basis and how exhausting everything is. Instead I thought I would share these videos that I found online in which the author does an excellent job of telling you all of this himself.

Watching these videos, I can just imagine my little S saying these things to you 30 years from now. Of course, I am hoping for a cure between now and then.

But from the mouth of one diabetic (and the heart of a mama of a diabetic) to you, I leave you these videos. Please, take some time to watch them. They are both short. And remember sensitivity when talking to a diabetic (or mama of a diabetic). We are struggling. We want to educate, but it is exhausting to constantly combat the myths and explain the disease to you. We want to be able to live life like any other normal human being does.

So give this mama a break from the questions, and let MRMIKELAWSON explain a few things to you.

And without further ado I give you MRMIKELAWSON, from My Life as a Pincushion.


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