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Five Minute Friday: Dance

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I’m joining a new group of bloggers and their attempts to write, with a given prompt, for five minutes one day a week without stopping to worry about anything. No worries about punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc. And then after linking up, the idea is to encourage one another in our writing.

Doesn’t that sound like a fun idea?

So here it goes. The prompt for this week is “dance.”

He spins around in circles. Oh how I love to watch him spin and twirl! The smile lights up his whole face as he starts to get dizzy. But the music that he sings to himself keeps him moving, faster and faster. Moving in circles, spinning around, waving his arms. Balancing against the couch as he loses his balance. Laughing to himself about what he is doing. Singing his song about daddy or about his favorite toy. It doesn’t matter. The song is unconsequental. It is the movements that matter. It is the joy that is important. It is the light that fills my child’s heart and soul. His brother jumps in. How funny they are! They laugh as they see the other one spinning around next to them. Singing together, their own separate songs. They don’t need rythm. They don’t need instruments. All they need are their bodies and the music within their souls. Laughter fills the room and with it, my heart. How did I get so lucky as to be the mother of these two precious little guys? How do I hang on to these precious moments of joy on their faces? I long for it to never leave. For them to not be burdened or weighed down by the heaviness of life. But I know that this is just a moment in their lives. And so I enjoy their precious smiles, laughter, and joy for just one more moment.

I’m linking up to:

Five Minute Friday

Check it out and read all the other wonderful stories inspired by the prompt of “dance.”


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One thought on “Five Minute Friday: Dance

  1. Yes, yes, I’ve been there too – loving the pure fun of just watching kids spin. Something so simple but so intrinsically beautiful as well! And this line “How do I hang on to these precious moments of joy on their faces? I long for it to never leave. For them to not be burdened or weighed down by the heaviness of life.” Oh man, I hope that same thing. It takes a brave heart to be a mother I think. Brave to know they won’t always be so carefree.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

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