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Baby Sophie

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No, that’s not our little girl’s name. I’m only 10 weeks along so we have NO clue what we are having yet. And chances are, it is a little boy.

Baby Sophie is my precious niece who is due to show up in the world on or around September 13.

I am so excited for my brother and sister in law! They got married back in November (remember this post?). I was so excited to welcome another sister into the family. Then a few months ago, we found out that they are expecting!

I knew that I wanted to make something special for Baby Sophie. I just love making baby things, especially for little girls. And since I can’t make it back to Tucson for the baby shower, I wanted to make sure that it was done in time to be mailed out to be open at the shower.

Dedication paid off and I got the whole gift done today. I can’t post pictures yet because I want it to be a surprise for my brother and sister in law. But I did take some pictures as a sneak preview. Hopefully it will make you eager to see the rest of the gift later in July.


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