Here Comes…

Baby number 3!

week 18 stripe

This is the exciting news that we received on May 10th. It came following a looong couple of weeks of sick kiddos, low blood sugars, and a hospital stay. It came right before we were heading out of town to visit our family in Tucson. We were so surprised and excited! A quick blood test on the 11th confirmed the news, and we decided to share it with our family and closest friends in person.

This week I had my first appointment and ultrasound. The baby has a strong heartbeat and is looking perfect! Here is a picture of the first ultrasound taken on my phone.

See that little blob in the center? Yup, that’s the baby. Hard to tell anything at this point. I am not as far along as I thought I was but when I got home and looked at my calender it looks as though their measurements match up exactly with my observations.

So…our official due date is January 18th. Looks like we will be welcoming a new life along with the new year.


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