“Count your blessings, name them one by one,

Count your blessings, see what God has done,

Count your many blessings,

Name them one by one,

Count your many blessings see what God has done.”

While I sit awake, after cleaning up yet another bout of vomit,  I am having a hard time remembering my blessings. It has been a rough, tough, horrible, terrible, no good, very bad couple of weeks.

We’ve had vomit, diarrhea, low blood sugars, cranky kids, ER visit, week long hospital stay, glucagon shots (think giant needle and nasty stuff that brings sugars up quickly when the person can’t eat or drink anything), sleepless nights, and stressful days.


I want a cure. And I want it NOW. Not someday. Not sometime down the line. I want it right now.

I would even go into the operating room and cut out my own pancreas (although I am not sure where it is…) just so that they could give it to my son if that would work. But it won’t. There are no pancreatic transplants (that I am aware of).

Now T is having diabetic symptoms. Mostly he is having hypoglycemic issues but since we have been checking his sugars I am catching more and more numbers that are climbing. Last night he vomited and the glucameter said that he was at 143. Well that would be an okay number after eating in a normal, healthy person (although still a bit on the high side and some would say it is too high), but it is quite a bit high for someone who hadn’t eaten in 4 hours and had just thrown up what he had eaten. But I am so grateful that he didn’t drop low and his numbers stayed steady.

Blessing number 1: Steady numbers even with a bout of vomit last night.

We spent the last week at the hospital. We went to a different one than we had before and they were great! I really liked the Endocrinology team, the nurses, the regular doctors, the janitors, the cafeteria staff…EVERYONE was wonderful! I don’t have a negative thing to say about a single person who worked there. Which is a miracle in and of itself.

Blessing number 2: A hospital of such wonderful staff who were so concerned with taking care of my precious little guys.

The food was excellent too. I was frustrated that our account was low. We had left $80 in our account for the week which would have been find normally, but since we had to essentially eat “out” at every meal this money went quickly. But we get paid on Monday.

So blessings 3 and 4: Excellent food, and the fact that our finances will be replenished on Monday (and that we made it through with what little we had…number 5.)

Both boys were hospitalized. Both boys were on ivs. Both boys were watched and checked over and over and over again. And we got our own room. One room for the four of us.

Blessing number 6: Our hospital stay did not require our family to be separated.

We came home Thursday afternoon and we have had more and more issues with sugars and sickness. Even daddy is sick now. Somehow I am the only one who has avoided this disease and I fear that won’t last long.

Blessing number 7 and 8: We are home, and I am not sick!

Amber brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a card. She has also sent me wonderful words of encouragement on Facebook. I am so blessed to have someone so sweet and caring in my life!

Blessing number 9: Sweet and caring friends like Amber.

On Tuesday (this upcoming Tuesday) we are taking a plane and flying back to Az. My brother in law is getting married (yay!) and my little sister is graduating from high school (double yay!). I’m stressed trying to get things in order (the house is a mess!) and packed up, but looking forward to seeing my family and friends.

Blessing 10, 11, and 12: Andrew is getting married, Nicole is graduating, and I get to see family and friends.

Today I got a chance to spend some time with a good friend and some ladies at her church. It was a wonderful time of fun together. I hadn’t seen Nenna in awhile because of the sicknesses and other such things. I needed that time. The ladies are so sweet and wonderful.

Blessing 13, and 14: Time out and away from the family with other adults, and time spent with a wonderful friend.

And I always have three blessings to count on my long list.

Blessing 15, 16,  and 17: Aaron, S and T

So there you have it. My 17 blessings. I know that there are SO MANY more that I did not list. But here is the proof that I needed to remember that  even in the midst of trial and hardship, blessings CAN be found. And for THAT I am utterly grateful.

What are the blessings in YOUR life?

Blessings to you and yours,

PS. Just wanted to say a thank you to all of you who regularly read my blog and to those of you who are stopping by for the first time. Even though my purpose in blogging is not for an audience, it is great to know that my posts are touching other people’s lives. Please leave me comments. I love to hear from you and what is touching your life right now.



3 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. Kyra says:

    Did you ever think being a mom would be so hard? It sure makes me appreciate my mom more. I’m so glad your family is doing better. And I can’t wait to hopefully see you soon and give you a big hug!

    • adaynasmile says:

      Can’t wait to see you either! I knew being a mom was hard. My mom made it look easy at times, but I have always had such huge respect for her since she did so much on her own. I just wish I hadn’t been such a pain in the butt when I was a teenager. How easy it is to look back and see what you took for granted! I am trying so hard to take each moment and find something to be grateful for even in the midst of the challenges. I’m no where near perfection, but it has changed my appreciation for the life that I have been given. 🙂

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