Oh Baby! Oh Baby!

About a week ago I wrote about baby items that I had made. I hope that I have inspired you to go out and find ways to save money on your baby items.

Since then I have been thinking and preparing for our trip home (we leave in just a few more days!). Although I like the side carrier, I wanted one that would hold up better to the tolls that will come with being in the airport for hours, sans-strollers (we have to bring the carseat for S to sit in on the plane, along with all the other baby and diabetes things so we are opting to go without). Here are the three that I have been drooling over online.

Ergo baby: Runs from $115 up depending on the type you get.

Boba Baby Carrier: Runs from $120-125

BabyHawk Mei Tai: These run $89 and up depending on the design. They have options with buckles and they also have designs that are more traditional in nature and require tying.

The Ergo and the Boba carriers have their own bag options:

The Ergo backpack is $48.

The Boba Pack is $100.

Both options connect to the straps of the carrier allowing mom to carry baby and all the necessary items easily and conveniently.

But as I said in my “Oh Baby!” post, we just don’t have that kind of money. If I got the Boba and the bag we would be looking at $250. For a carrier! I’m just not sure, for us, it is worth that investment.

And that brings us to the reason for this post. I wanted to share with you three other options that I found on the internet. (Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who offer your patterns for us crafty mamas for free!)

The first is very similar to the Ergo and the Boba. I love it, but I don’t have the nylon straps, or the buckles on hand so I opted to skip it this time around. (Although my hubby wants me to make it for him, lol!)

My Babyvv

Its hard to see in the pictures, but like the Boba and the Ergo it has straps in the back that buckle instead of tying. There is a buckle on each side, under the armpit area, that is adjustable to make the straps tighter and more comfortable.

Since I didn’t have the buckles I kept searching. I wanted one of a similar design but with straps that I can tie in any way I want. I know it will be harder to learn at first but I think I am up to the task. 🙂

Here is the pattern I found.

Brooke’s Diy Hood to Headrest Mei Tai

This beautiful carrier is a Mei Tai in style (since it has the long straps that you tie), has a wonderful hood (that can be used to cover baby’s head or rolled down as headrest for varying ages of baby), has wonderful padding in the shoulders and waist, and can be used from 7 pounds up to 35 (or 40) pounds.

The pattern is actually more simple than I thought it would be. At first I was a bit daunted. But it has come along so smoothly! I am unsure as to why I have been so afraid of making my own baby carriers. They are kind of addicting!

All of the material I already had on hand. Some of it is leftovers from my mom’s quilting, some of it was given to me by other kindhearted people, and some of it is left overs from other projects (or projects that never happened).

Here’s what I have so far.

carrier side 1

carrier side 2Hood Side 1Hood Side 2

In the above picture you can clearly see the pocket that I added. There are snaps to keep the pockets closed. These snaps are the same ones that I use on my diapers so I know that they will hold up but also not be too uncomfortable. I added the pocket so that I can keep my id, phone, and possibly keys quickly accessible. It works much like a hoodie’s pocket being one big pocket with two openings.

(Sorry about the lighting. It was cloudy today and I was having troubles getting clear pictures. I guess my photoshop and camera abilities aren’t quite up to par yet. Lol!)

To deal with the bag issue (cause how can I carry a backpack over a carrier?) I found the Onbag. Here’s a couple of pictures of what the bag looks like.

The tutorial is a little bit confusing, and most of the people who have done it live in non-English speaking (or at least blogging) countries. But I have an idea of how to put it together from previous bag making experience.

I love that it is totally versatile! The straps are not connected to one another making it possible to wrap it in a variety of different ways, much like the baby wrap itself. It can be attached to a stroller, a knot can be tied to make it into a shoulder bag (without any hard parts making it perfect squashed between mom and baby), used as a backpack, or used under baby. It has little loops that can be connected onto the waist straps of your carrier.

Here’s a picture of my favorite one that I have found online. I just love everything about this one!

Onbag voor Katrien

It is a huge diaper bag but the nice thing is that it is designed in a way that it can squish up when you don’t need all the space. I love that since I have so much to carry with two boys, cloth diapers, and diabetic supplies.

Here’s the material that I have already cut out.

Onbag material

It matches my Mei Tai. I’m not exactly sure how I am going to piece it together yet and which materials are going to be the outer ones and which will be the inner. But that will be the fun part of putting it together!

It takes a really really really long piece of fabric for the straps, sides, and bottom. It is seamless. Since I am using fabrics I have on hand, I am going to have to piece it despite her recommendation not to.

Finally I leave you with a crayon wallet.

There are so many times when the boys and I are stuck at appointments or the boys are restless at a restaurant. S has become very interested in art. So I thought that an art wallet would be perfect for the airplane ride across the country.

Here are the materials that I have set aside for the wallet, the crayons, and the pad. I will have to alter it some in order to fit the bigger crayons but I know my kids won’t be heartbroken to not have very many crayon colors to choose from at this point!

Art Wallet

I wish you could see the second fabric in the background. Its super cute with a variety of different vehicles. All of these fabrics (except the Cars one) are scraps. The Cars fabric I got on the remnants with no clue what I was going to do with it. S is going to be so excited!

Total it is going to have cost me $4 out of pocket for all three of these projects! I’m pretty excited about that!

What was have you been crafty while also being thrifty lately?

I love to hear what you are thinking!

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