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Sewing Your Own Diapers using Babyville Boutique


Sewing your own diapers can be an inexpensive way to boost your cloth diaper stash. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to create something just perfect for you and your family.

I just love Babyville Boutique! They have the cutest prints, are available to buy locally (well, somewhat locally for me), and make cloth diaper making pretty simple. So far I have made three diapers using their patterns.

The first diaper I made was a pocket diaper. I used a flannel receiving blanket as the liner, and the large diaper pattern. It is a great diaper even with its mistakes, but large was definitely too big.

Next, I used the medium pattern and created the yoke style diaper. I love these because I can use any kind of insert, even flour sack towels (which are around $1 a piece at Walmart/Target), in them. The only thing I don’t like is working with the fold over elastic (foe).

Ducky Diaper

Foe is a bit of a pain to work with. You have to stretch in certain parts while still keeping the fabric tucked in. And the worst part of working with it and PUL (the waterproof material) is that it can’t be pinned because pins can create leaks in the PUL. But it is doable. And even with my bad stitching (please ignore it in the pictures), they are great diapers. Bonus, my kids love them!

yoke cover diaper cover

Have you checked out Babyville Boutique’s great line? What is your favorite print?



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3 thoughts on “Sewing Your Own Diapers using Babyville Boutique

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  2. Just wondered how you like the yoke style diaper. I was thinking about making some in this style for my baby that’s due in December but I wasn’t sure i this would work all that well or not. I like the idea of just sticking in a prefold diaper and also being able to wipe out and use the cover more than once without washing it.

    • I love the yoke style diaper. I will admit that the ones that I made with the fold over elastic have not been my favorites, but the general style is perfect. I use inserts that are microfiber but have a stay dry layer on them (making them safe to have against baby’s skin) that I love to be able to stick in the yoke diapers. I also use flour sack towels (get at Target/Walmart for around $1.00 a towel) that can be folded up and stuck in there. And of course, the prefolds. The great thing is that you can also use a fold, attach the diaper with a pin or snappi, and then put the cover over it. I don’t reuse them, although I you can. But my son’s are such heavy wetters that I find the cover tends to smell if I don’t wash it after every use. Covers in general are perfect for newborns. But I would make sure that you have double gussets (and extra elastic at the legs) or that you wrap the diaper on the baby so that the liquid poo is nice and contained. I find this to be best with my boys when they are having stomach issues, as with the pockets it tends to leak. Hope this helps!

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