Cow Themed Birthday Party

A month ago we had T’s 1st birthday party. It was so much fun!

All the wonderful employees at Chick Fil A were wonderful in making sure that we had a good time. They provided us with balloons and a nice little section near the play area. We ordered the food ahead of time and they helped us get all set up.

The best part was it was fun, easy on me, safe and clean for the kids, and relatively inexpensive. And there were leftovers! I am so grateful that they were willing to work with us.

Here are some pictures of the little birthday boy. Isn’t he adorable? He just loved the cupcakes! (I ordered them at Sam’s since we had been in the hospital that week and they were cheap and delicious! Too bad for us aspiring chefs. 😦 )

And here are some shots of the rest of us. 🙂 We all had an awesome time! Thanks to Amber, Jessica, and Nenna for coming and bringing your little ones!

And now, if you want to plan your own cow themed birthday party I have some printables for you. Here’s a photo of the goodie bags that I put together.

I made the play dough myself. It smelled marvelous but molded in just a day or two. Also included in the bags were homemade wands made from pipe cleaners to use with the bubbles. I chose Cheerios because they are T’s favorite snack, a coloring page with some crayons I picked up at the dollar store, a silly straw, and a cow thank you (it was supposed to be printed onto the brown bag but I ran out of time).

When you go to the collection (found on google docs) you should be able to find each printable in both photoshop and jpg formats. Use whichever format you would like. (Remember that the cow was taken from a free clipart website and that I do not have licensing rights to it. Please do NOT try to sell it or any of my creations. Thanks!)

Download them here.

Hope you enjoy these freebies! Please share with us photos from your little one’s party if you do use any of them. I would love to see the creative things you come up with!


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