Gratitudes from Day 51-Day 99

I know I wrote the other day that I hadn’t kept track of my gratitudes. But it seems as though I did a better job than I thought I had. After going through my facebook statuses and looking back I was able to gather the things that I have been grateful for other the last 50 ish days. Some are taken directly from my statuses, and some are inspired from what I wrote. Some are just from remembering back to what happened. Hopefully I can get back into doing them on a daily basis and not fall behind. But it was great to go back over the last month and a half and see where God has taken me.

February 20-29

51: I am thankful for a computer that works and the opportunity to play with various programs like photoshop.

52: I am grateful for all the friends and family members who want to shower T with their love!

53: I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful church and for the opportunity to sing in the praise team.

54: I am grateful for days of productivity and for snuggles with my boys.

55: Hard evening. I am grateful for good friends and good times together. I am also grateful for doctors who are able to help my ailing son.

56: I am grateful for the positive attitude that S has even when dealing with hypoglycemia and being in the hospital. I am also grateful for my little sister! Happy 18th birthday Nicole! I love you!

57: I am grateful that S loves to play with his little brother as much as he does and that he likes being mommy’s helper. I am also grateful that T is handling the hospital stay as well as he is.

58: I love that my boys love music so much! Especially S. Their love for music puts joy in my heart.

59: I am grateful that they finally hooked S up to an iv. So hopeful that he will be better tomorrow and that we will be able to go home.

60: We are going home! S stayed in the 100s so we decided to simply take him home. They still don’t know the issue but I just want him to be home! It’ll be nice for the whole family to be together in one place tonight.

March 1-31

61: Had to use the glucagon last night. It was pretty scary. So grateful that S’s numbers are back up and that he seems to be doing better.

62: I am grateful that I am alive. I am a miracle, as are my husband, and my children. It is by God’s grace that I even exist today.

63: I am grateful for such a fun time at T’s birthday party! Thank you to Nenna, Amber, and Jessica for coming and bringing your little ones to celebrate with us. We had a lot of fun and were totally blessed! Thank you Chick Fil A for hosting the party. It couldn’t have gone better!

64: I am grateful for a year of hugs, cuddles and smiles with my wonderful little T. Hoping that God grants us many many more. Happy birthday little man!

65: I am grateful that I made it through the day despite being exhausted, getting very little sleep, and being without Aaron.

66: My hubby sent me flowers for our third anniversary. Can’t believe how much has happened in the last three years. I love him more today then I ever would have believed three years ago when I thought I was so madly in love with him, and can’t wait to enjoy many more years in the future.

67: Grateful for weather that gave us a chance to play at the playground. The boys love being able to climb the stairs and slide down the slide over and over and over again.

68: Nana and Papa sent T a wagon for his birthday. I am so grateful for them and for how much they love and spoil my little guys.

69: I am grateful that S did not go too low last night and that we were able to correct it with some juice.

70: I am so glad that Aaron is finally back! I missed him!

71: The boys and I are all sick. Stayed home from church. I am so grateful for the ability to rest and that Aaron is home to help me with the boys.

72: I am grateful that S’s fever is gone and that Aaron isn’t sick.

73, 74, and 75: I am grateful for medication. We are in the process of getting better.

76: I am grateful that we have a dependable car.

77: I am grateful that my husband is so content with my corned beef and cabbage that I make him once a year even though it didn’t get served until late this year and wasn’t nearly as good. I am also grateful for my little brother Zachary. Happy birthday! I love you!

78: I am grateful for simple joys in life, including silly games like “Draw Something.”

79: I am grateful that T is so easy going and is willing to let his brother steal his toys, even when they say T’s name.

80: I am so grateful that spring has sprung. The boys and I took a nice walk after I had a bone scan done today (thank you Amber for watching the boys!), and I loved seeing the green grass and everything in bloom.

81, and 82: I’ve been really enjoying the wonderful weather. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work out in the garden and play with the boys in the outdoors.

83: I had a lot of fun going to the Air Museum and to the park. I am grateful for friends and for people who love my boys almost as much as I do.

84: I am grateful for Saturdays. I love having family time!

85: Fell down the stairs today. Although it hurt, I am so grateful that T did not get hurt (I was carrying him) and that I did not get hurt worse than I did.

86: Its silly but I am grateful that Hulu Plus is now on Wii. This allows us the opportunity to catch up on shows that we haven’t been able to watch since getting rid of cable. And its far cheaper than cable!

87: I am grateful that the boys let me sleep in this morning and that I was able to get 9 hours of sleep.

88 and 89: I am grateful for life. It has been hard not having my computer but it has opened up time for me to get some crafts done and spend more time hanging out with my family.

90: I am so grateful for our church family. The boys and I went to a funeral today and I was so proud of my boys for the way they behaved and so grateful for all the people from our church who helped me out with them. It was also great to see the love and support that was poured out upon the family who was dealing with the lost.

91: What a great trip up to Christiana! We took my computer up to the Apple store, hung out at the mall some, let the boys play with the trains at Barnes and Noble, and got dinner at Don Pablos. It was an enjoyable day. And yay for getting my computer fixed!

April 1-8

92: I am grateful for the opportunity to worship with other believers without the worry of persecution.

93: I am grateful to Aaron’s supervisor for giving him some time off this morning. I am also grateful that Aaron took care of the boys this morning during his time off so that I could rest.

94: Grateful that S’s low numbers went back up and that he is doing okay.

95: So grateful to have my computer back! And even more grateful that they didn’t end up charging me for getting it fixed. Yay!

96: Grateful for the deliciousness of Chick Fil A’s ice cream. It was a rough day and I greatly enjoyed the two little scoops that we got in exchange for the kids’ toys.

97: Had a fun time watching the boys run around and do the Easter egg hunt with Aaron’s office. it was good to see everyone and I enjoyed the food. Also, grateful that Jesus went to the cross to shed his blood for the forgiveness of my sins.

98: I am grateful for another relaxing Saturday. The boys are sick (again) but it was great to be able to snuggle and just relax at home.

99: I am so glad that the story did not end with Jesus dying on the cross. If it had ended there, then Jesus would just be another man. Thank God for the miracle of His resurrection!

Hope you are having a wonderful Easter and are celebrating with the ones that you love!

I love to hear what you are thinking!

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