52 Photos in 52 Weeks: Weeks 8-12

Hi everyone!

I FINALLY got my computer back! With the return of my computer came the opportunity to look through my photos and get some editing done. Today I wanted to share with you some of the pictures that I have taken in the last month and a half.
Week 8 morning

Week 8’s theme was morning. This picture was taken one morning of my happy little T while eating his apple pancakes. T is such a good little eater who loves to try all kinds of new things. And he loves it when mama makes him pancakes.

I was playing with photoshop actions. This particular one gives a vintage flair. You can download it through janawerner.com. She has several other actions available for free. You should check her out!
Week 9 work

This is one of my favorite pictures!

One night S decided that he was going to clean up the cheerios that he and his brother had knocked onto the floor. He grabbed the Swiffer (minus the dusting pad) and the dust pan and got to work! Most of it ended up on the carpet (and had to be picked up later) but I loved that he was so eager to help mama!
Week 10 down

Here’s another great shot!

Its been fun enjoying the spring weather. The boys and I have spent more time at the park over the last few weeks. S loves to climb up the stairs and slide down the slide (T just likes hanging out at the bottom of the slide!).

One day S decided that he was going to try going down the slide all by himself (usually he likes to hold my hand while he slides down). I was so proud of him! (And so glad that I had brought my camera!) My little guy is getting so big!
Week 11 sign

I love Easter! The sun shines brighter, the weather is warmer, the flowers are blooming, and everything seems right with the world. It is a time to enjoy the change in the seasons and a time to reflect on all that God has done for us.

I’m a big fan of making sure that we focus on the purpose of Easter (the fact that Christ died for our sins–all of the bad things that we do, and we all do them–and then rose from the dead), but it is also nice to celebrate all the fun things about spring.

The other night I got out our Easter items out (I bought them all on clearance last year leaving just the candy/treats to buy this year–score!) and found this cute little basket my mom had sent to me several years ago (when I was in college). I thought it would look adorable in front of my door. Some marbles, grass, plastic eggs, plastic stick (from the flowers my hubby got me for our anniversary), and cardstock cut on my Cricut and I have this cute little decor to grace my front door. The only sad thing is that I waited so long to make it!
Week 12 Door

Week 12 was door. I didn’t even know it was the theme when I took this picture. I was just proud of my cute little set up! Spring is clearly here!

I am super behind on my gratitudes! I will be getting back into those now that I have my computer back. I should have been keeping track on paper but I just got swept up in life and forgot to keep track.

Hope you have been enjoying little moments in your days!


2 thoughts on “52 Photos in 52 Weeks: Weeks 8-12

  1. Kyra says:

    Love the picture of your son with the swiffer! Mine likes getting the mop out too, but he just wants to play with it.

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