When it Rains…

…it pours. Or at least that is how the saying goes.

I’m currently typing on my husband’s tiny little netbook. I “stole” it for a few minutes so I could give you guys a bit of an update. Its been quite a strange few weeks!

First of all, thank you for the comments, emails, and texts. Those of you who have sent us hugs, prayers, and encouraging words are appreciated more than you could ever imagine. I don’t know where we would be without such wonderful people in our lives!

Second, S is home. We finally brought him home on Leap Day. He still wasn’t better but I was tired of the doctors not doing anything. So rather than staying at the hospital we decided to take him home and treat him on our own. And that’s what we have been doing.

He dropped really low again on Wednesday night and on Thursday morning. We had to give him shot from the glucagon (which is only for emergencies). It was pretty scary, but thankfully he has moved past the lows…

And right into the highs.

Those of you who know diabetes know that highs can be equally dangerous, in a different way. He has been in the high 300s to the “hi” (above 500 but the meter doesn’t read that high). And we are alone on fixing it. I haven’t heard anything from our endo team despite the fact that they were supposed to be helping us out. So we are working on switching doctors. My son deserves better care.

Meanwhile, my hubby was gone last week so I was left to deal with the boys on my own. Fortunately, we were relatively healthy last week, and even though S had some highs and a few lows, he was happy and content just being home and playing. Plus, we spent a lot of time with our good friends Nenna and C.

Toward the end of the week we all started feeling icky (medical term, I know). S’s pediatrician thought that S just was fighting allergies and gave us some zyrtec to help him with them. I figured that was my problem as well and treated it as such.

Sunday morning I woke up miserable. I was feverish, exhausted, and achy all over. And that began a week of illnesses for the three of us. T has an ear infection, pink eye, and a sinus infection. S has pink eye and a sinus infection. And I have a sinus infection. We finally broke our fevers. Today. We were running anywhere from 99° to 101° while on Motrin/Tylenol. I’m not sure how high we would have been without constant pain killers.

And on Saturday my computer decided to act up. It seems it might be the video card. That’s a good thing because it is fixable. But I have to take it all the way up to the Apple store and have them figure out the problem. Plus, who knows how much it is going to cost. Aiy! I miss my computer!

When I do get it fixed and home I have pictures and printables to share with you from T’s first birthday party. It went wonderfully! I really enjoyed the time we spent with everyone and we had a lot of fun. Chick Fil A did an awesome job and I am so appreciative of their help and cooperation. They are such a wonderful company!

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by my blog. Thank you to all of you who regularly follow my posts. I appreciate you all. Hopefully soon I will have my computer back. I have so much to share with you all! Until then remember that sometimes the “blessings come through raindrops” (Laura Story, “Blessings”).

Blessing to you and yours!

One thought on “When it Rains…

  1. Kyra says:

    You know, my brother-in-law once told me something I’ll never forget (one of the only useful things he’s ever told me). He said that when you go through hard trials, usually great blessings are around the corner. I’ve found that to be so true, as I’m sure you know. I’m glad your son had a good birthday party. And I hope you guys are feeling better!

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