I Don’t Have All the Answers…

But I sure wish that I did.

Right now my little guys are sitting in their high chairs with a variety of different foods. I walked away because my oldest kept fussing at me and I am hoping (praying) that he will eat if I am not standing/sitting around him.

We are home from the hospital. Thank God for that. We got home Wednesday night. But we are still experiencing unexplained lows. We are still dealing with a child who’s diabetes is completely out of control.

And I don’t have any answers.

Actually, neither do the doctors or nurses or nutritionists or anyone else. There are suggestions. Many suggestions. But none of them have been beneficial.

My child won’t eat.


He’s not being a picky child who will only eat certain things. And its not something I can just wait out. By him choosing not to eat (for whatever reason) we are dealing with some dangerous circumstances.

Here’s how it works, for those of you who don’t know about diabetes. S must eat. If he doesn’t eat then he won’t get the sugars that his body needs in order to function. If he doesn’t eat then his blood glucose will lower. When it gets too low he can pass out, have seizures, go into a coma, or die.

Now in order to fix the blood glucose and get them where they need to be, we have to feed him. We give him something high in sugar and high in protein. The sugar gets his glucose up and the protein helps it to stay stable.

We’ve been getting him to drink some juice. And juice is good when there is a low. But it has no protein in it. So it doesn’t help him to stay at a stable number. It causes his glucose levels to rise and then to drop. This leads to a bad cycle of highs and lows, which can be very dangerous.

Here’s the other problem, S must have insulin. If he doesn’t get insulin then ketones become and issue.

Ketones are present in any body when the body starts eating the fat stores. This is especially dangerous in diabetics. If the ketone level gets too high then the diabetic will be faced with going into DKA (diabetic ketone acidosis) which is a very dangerous condition that can also lead to seizures, comas, and death. This is what he was in when he was originally diagnosed. The only cure is to put him in the ICU, attach him to fluids, and try to convince him to eat so that he can get insulin to stop the cycle.

Insulin eats the ketones. I’m not entirely sure how. But that’s my best understanding of it. If there is no insulin in the body then the ketones start to become larger and larger and take over. So if S doesn’t eat then we can’t give him insulin to help combat the sugar in his blood and ketones start taking over. This leaves us with low blood glucose and high ketones, which is very dangerous and the reason we were in the hospital in the first place.

Yesterday S only got a small amount of insulin. I can’t give him much because he isn’t eating and the insulin brings his levels down too much without the food. I’m sure his ketones are elevated but I’m not even testing for them because it won’t benefit me any to know that they are.

He won’t eat. And I don’t have an answer for why.

But here’s hoping that today he will decide to turn it all around and eat something. Anything.

Tomorrow is T’s birthday party. I’m excited for it. But I am worried that S will be sick and we won’t be able to have it. Sunday Aaron leaves for a work trip. I can’t deal with both boys on my own if S ends up in the hospital again. So S NEEDS to eat.

But I don’t have the answers. I’ve tried all the various tips and tricks that I have been given. All I can do now is wait for him to decide to eat. And hope and pray that it is sooner, rather than later. I am physically and emotionally worn out.

One thought on “I Don’t Have All the Answers…

  1. Ruth says:

    Somehow found your blog through another and read this post. Praying for you and your son! Kids can get so stubborn and obviously don’t understand the impact. From one mama to another, hugs.

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