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1st Birthday Party Downloads

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Just wanted to share with you some printables that I created for T’s birthday. I made these without T’s name on them so that you can use them, if you want, for your child’s birthday party.

The circles were designed to be used as cupcake toppers. Use a circle punch or a scallop punch to cut them out after printing on cardstock. Then hot glue a lollipop stick (Wilton makes them and you can buy them for cheap at Walmart) to the back. You can add some ribbon if you would like or just put them on the cupcakes as is. (I’ll post pictures after the party on the 3rd of what ours look like.) I made them in two file formats, .psd and .jpg. Download whichever is more convenient for you.

These are for snack bags to go in the goodie bags. My plan is to include some cheerios in the goodie bag since those are T’s favorite snack, but you can choose whatever you can think of to put in the baggies. As with the cupcake toppers, print on cardstock, cut out, and fold on the middle yellow line. Then all you need to do is staple to the top of the snack bag. Once again I included both a .jpg and .psd file for you.

I’m planning on creating some printables for brown paper bags (which will hold the goodies), for bubbles, and for baby food jars (which will hold the playdough). So be on the lookout for those pintables as well.

Hope these bring some inspiration to you as you are planning your little one’s birthday party!

*Note: I found the clipart online from I did not pay for the use of it. Be warned that using it for personal purposes is allowed, but it is in violation of copyright (mine and theirs) to try to sell it.

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