Week 7 Gratitudes and Photo #7

This week’s gratitudes and photo come with a few extras. Let’s start with the photo.

The prompt this week was “good.” At first I had no clue what to do for such a basic word. There are so many different things in my life that could be considered good!

This week I did some experimenting with a green monster smoothie. Spinach is so wonderful and healthy, and since I don’t like it cooked, and can only eat so much of it in salads, I decided to mix it up in smoothie form.

We’ll start with more information on the photo. I took the photo on my cluttered kitchen counter. It was an alright picture but I hated the fact that there was so much stuff in the background. I also took the picture while holding my almost one year old in my arms.

When I first uploaded the picture I was disappointed. The smoothie looks so perfect and delicious but there was just too much noise in the background. Now I am not working with a great camera, just a point and shoot digital. And I am not a professional photographer by any means. But I do like to try to take the best pictures that I can. So I was bummed that this picture was such a disappointment since I had my heart set on using it.

In comes photoshop. I’m still learning all the tools and tricks. And I am sure that I will never manage to learn all of them. But I love that I can cut out a part of a picture and move it to a new background.

I started by creating a new file, making it 8″ X 10″. A watercolor brush, some paint, and a few minutes later I had this background.

You can download your own copy either in .psd or .jpg for your own use if you would like.

Next I moved my glass over from the original picture by lassoing it and utilizing copy/paste. I then added text and a frame (by using the stroke feature). And here are the results.

Week 7 good

Its not perfect, but it definitely brings out the wonderful green color of the smoothie!

Now for the recipe. I don’t measure things very much so you will have to adjust the measurements for your own tastes, but here is my general green monster smoothie recipe.


  • 1 Tbsp Flax Seed
  • 1 Large handful of fresh Spinach, chopped
  • 4 Frozen Strawberries
  • 1 Large frozen Banana, peeled
  • 1/2 Cup of Blueberry Keifer
  • Milk


Add all ingredients to the blender starting with the flax seed and spinach. Use the ice function to break up the frozen fruit. Puree the ingredients. Use the milk, and blend until you get your desired consistency. I found that I needed to add more milk as I pureed the ingredients in order to get a light and fluffy drink, but you may want to keep it thick and creamy, and therefore use little milk.

Pour into a fun glass, pop in a straw, and enjoy your veggies!


And now for my gratitudes. Are you remembering to count your blessings? What are you thankful for this week? I would love to hear!

Gratitude 44: I am grateful we checked on S when we did. He had a low of 46. Thank God we caught it and were able to get juice and crackers into him. Praying his numbers don’t go too high or drop again tonight and that I can sleep until his next check.

Gratitude 45: I am grateful for the pretty flowers that my hubby brought me today. And for the three Valentines we have had to spend together. Here’s to years more!

Gratitude 46: T passed his evaluation with flying colors! I am so proud of my little guy! Although they will be keeping him on the books for 6 months more in case he has a relapse and falls behind, he is going to be discharged from his PT, and they were super impressed by how well he is doing. My boys are amazing!

Gratitude 47: I am simply grateful to be alive. Thank you God for creating me. Thank you mom for giving birth to me and raising me. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you and your wonderful love.

Gratitude 48: Just cut out a bunch of cards that I laminated the other day for Sherwood. It made me feel like I was back working at school. Although I don’t miss Los Ninos specifically I do miss some of the great teachers there! I am so grateful for those wonderful friendships that I made the three years that I worked there, and even more grateful for the friends that I am still in touch with. ๐Ÿ™‚

Gratitude 49: I am grateful for all the cooking that I was able to get done. Thanks Aaron for taking care of the boys so that I could prepare some freezer friendly meals.

Gratitude 50: a) I can’t believe that I made it through 50 days! Yay! I am thankful for the way that I have been able to see my world in a brighter way. Sometimes it takes some searching to find my gratitudes but I am so glad that God is helping me to see them. b) I am grateful for two of my wonderful friends this evening. Deanna, who has been one of my best friends since we were only 11 years old. And Kyra, who has been my super friend since we sat next to each other on the bus at 14 years old. Both of you are amazingly beautiful women whom I can’t imagine living life without. Thank you for your friendship! I love you both!

May God pour blessing onto your lives this week and always!

2 thoughts on “Week 7 Gratitudes and Photo #7

  1. Kyra says:

    Awe, thanks! Now I’m all emotional. But seriously, if we hadn’t sat next to each other on the bus and become friends, I don’t know how I would have gotten through high school. And even though high school is long behind us, I am so glad we keep in touch! I am eternally grateful for your friendship too!

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