Week 6 Gratitudes and Photo #6

This week’s photo theme was “soft.” I had several ideas on how I was going to approach the theme but nothing felt quite right. Until…

Last night we FINALLY got some snow. It wasn’t a whole lot but it warranted getting out my snow boots (which I love!) for church. The reason I love my snow boots so much is because there is a wonderful soft layer inside that cushions my feet while keeping me nice and warm. They are waterproof so I don’t have to worry about the snow that melts on them and the soles are a nice thick rubber that keeps me safe on the treacherous ice.

Having spent most of my life living in Arizona and California, I haven’t ever owned (except as a child in the midwest) a pair of snow boots. Our first year in Delaware these were a much needed purchase as I was 6 plus months pregnant and they got the most snow in history. Now I just treasure those wonderful days when I can get away with wearing my boots that are like slippers for outdoors.

week 5

Just looking at them makes my toes want to jump into them! (And if you know me, you know that I am a barefoot kinda gal, which means this is a huge compliment for these shoes!)

Now that I have gushed about the amazing-ness of my boots, lets move onto my gratitudes of the week.

(Note: As I was preparing this week’s photo I realized that I had miscounted last week! Oops! So this is photo number 6, not 5. 😛 )

S had to have tubes put into his ears due to constant ear infections, on Wednesday. It was a long, stressful day. Diabetes makes everything 10 times worse. But even with the trials we are still very blessed. So here are this week’s gratitudes.

Gratitude 37: I am grateful for all the wonderful bloggers out there who share their creative ideas. I am especially grateful for the moms who homeschool and have shared their resources and printables for free. I am looking forward to getting started on some basics with my little guys in an informal version of “tot school.” I think it will be a lot of fun for all three of us! (Stay tuned for more information on our adventures in tot school.)

Gratitude 38: I am grateful for time with friends, and meals with the family.

Gratitude 39: I am so grateful that S’s surgery (tubes in ears) went well and that he was acting like himself this evening.

Gratitude 40: I am grateful for dinner with a friend. Mommy time is so necessary!

Gratitude 41: Not feeling too grateful today. I guess I am grateful that the kids are finally in bed so that I can go to bed. I am one tired mama who doesn’t feel too great. 😦  (Even on a day when I can’t see my blessings there are still blessings to be found! Thank God that I am on a journey to find them!)

Gratitude 42: Its been snowing most of the evening. S and I journeyed through it earlier, which was fun and cold. I love seeing him learn and explore. Its so much fun to see that light go on in his brain.

Gratitude 43: I am grateful for the laughter of my little T as he plays with daddy. Nothing is sweeter to the soul than a happy baby.

May you see the blessings that surround you as we enter into a new week!

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