{Tutorial}: Spot Mopping

This is such a simple concept, and to be honest, most of you probably already do this. But for those of you who have little ones and feel overwhelmed with the amount of mopping required to keep up with their messes, here is a tip for you!

First, pick up a spray bottle at the dollar store (or at your favorite discount store).

Next, mix up your favorite floor cleaner (or all-purpose cleaner) according to the directions in your spray bottle (or make up extra next time you mop the floor and put some in the spray bottle before you do the mopping). Here’s my favorite cleaner:

I love that it is made with almost entirely natural ingredients, isn’t super expensive, doesn’t smell horrible, and cleans everything perfectly! I make up a spray bottle and use it for just about everything!*

Now you are ready to do spot mopping after each meal or anytime your little one’s make a mess!

spot mopping

Make sure that you sweep up any little pieces that you won’t be able to mop up. My youngest had added cheerios to our mess and I swept those up first. Then just spray the hard to clean areas, use your mop as you normally would, rinse, and you are done! No need to haul out the bucket or clean the entire floor or to bend over to scrub with a rag.

Super simple! I love this technique, as I hate having to mop the whole floor over and over again. I have a Swiffer with the wet pads but I feel like it is such a waste to use them up on such a small area. This technique avoids all of that, gets me a clean floor, and when I use my mop, avoids me being bent over on the floor scrubbing like Cinderella. And since I am using a cleaner that I know is safe for my kids I don’t worry about them picking up random things off of it and putting it in their mouths (which they ALWAYS do whether I want them to or not!). Bonus, less mopping time means more playing time with my kids!

Hope this tip helps to make your busy days just a tiny bit easier and frees up a few more of those precious moments in your life.


*This is simply my opinion and I am not being reimbursed for this post.

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