Week 5 Gratitudes and Photo #5

This week’s photo theme was create. The only thing that kept coming to my mind was the area in which I create. So I took a picture of my space in which I do my creating. It is here, amidst this mess, that I sew, design, scrapbook, blog, and take a break from my kids (they are blockaded on the other side of the room with their toys). It is my little piece of the house that is just mine.

On the wall above my stereo is a scrapbook frame that my sister gave me as a gift. I love having it in my space. Not only is it an inspiration, but it is a reminder of how much she means to me.

Next to my crafting table is a re-purposed shoe organizer that holds scraps of fabric. I had them grouped by color but over time they have been mixed more by how I use them. I love being able to see my fabric and all the amazing colors that can be found in them.

A grey dry erase board is next to the shoe organizer that contains my magnets from all the different places that I have been in the last few years. It has been fun to collect various magnets when we go to different places and to display them in my little space.

The rest of the space if filled with my various different tools and supplies. I would love for it to be more organized, but with my life the way it is, it isn’t. And I’m okay with that. I need to vacuum the floor, but it makes my kids scream so I avoid it as much as possible, but that’s okay. Its my space, and I don’t mind (too much). So welcome to my little nook! Week 5: Create

And now for my gratitudes. Although I have not been posting them on facebook on a daily basis, I have been trying to keep up with them mentally and not fall behind more than a day or two. I have so many blessings! And so, without further ado, here are this week’s gratitudes.

Gratitude 30: I am grateful for a Walmart shopping trip where we were able to get what we needed and some things we wanted without having to worry about out budget (though we did, ironically, stay in budget).

Gratitude 31: I am grateful that I had some time today to FINALLY put away Christmas stuff and re-organize the garage. I am also grateful that S loves his new “totball” toy and that he got to play with it with Nenna and C (and later with daddy). I love when he is so happy!

Gratitude 32: I’m grateful for healthy, clean teeth and a good dental visit. And to Nenna for hanging out with my boys while I got them checked and cleaned.

Gratitude 33: I am grateful for family dinners. S is finally eating our foods on a regular basis and now T is trying some of them too. I can’t wait till we can have real family meals all the time.

Gratitude 34: I am grateful that S loves his new carseat and can’t wait till T gets to try out his new seat (S’s old one). My boys are getting so big!

Gratitude 35: I am grateful a great afternoon and evening with Nenna and C, and my boys.

Gratitude 36: I am grateful a nap. It wasn’t super long but I enjoyed it.

Thank you Nenna and C for being such great friends! We had a good week and made some great memories together.

4 thoughts on “Week 5 Gratitudes and Photo #5

  1. adaynasmile says:

    Thanks Magdalene! I enjoy the little space. I love that it is right in the living room with my family on the other side so that I can still be a part of everything!

    I have not started doing digital scrapbooking but have contemplated it. With two little ones it would be a lot more feasible then trying to do it by hand. I am so behind in scrapping!

    • lifebydmagdalene says:

      I am digiscrapping for years now since i found out that I work well with no glue on my fingers and hair!
      Loved photoshop and illustrator so much that I started making my own kits. It’s fun and you can really be so creative without being limited to physical paper and stuff.

      I have my free site at http://dmagdalene.blogspot.com

      Have a great week Dana!


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