Week 4 Gratitudes and Photo #4

Can you believe this month is almost over? I can’t!

I have had a hard time fighting my depression this week. I am sure you gathered that from my last post. But I still have something to be thankful for everyday. So here are this week’s gratitudes.

Gratitude 23: I am grateful that I have no appointments tomorrow. It was a really really long day today.

Gratitude 24: I’m grateful for a nice little workout and some brisk fresh air.

Gratitude 25: I am grateful that the boys and I got to take a walk with Miss Kellie on such a beautiful day! Sherwood had so much fun running and jumping and waving to all the cars!

Gratitude 26: I am grateful that I made it through the day.

Gratitude 27: I am grateful for a fun evening with my family and the tax money that allows us to buy some much needed items.

Gratitude 28: I am grateful for a relaxing day with my family.

Gratitude 29: I am grateful to be a part of a church that is such a loving community.

And photo #4:

Week 4: Relax

Here is my little S relaxing in front of his favorite Veggie Tales with his favorite stuffed animal and blanket. I left all his toys in the picture because they are reality with two kids! This is actually a rare moment that I was able to capture where he wasn’t running around or dancing while the movie was on. I wanted to capture one of T but he was wiggling all over the place! Maybe next week I will be able to capture my wiggly little guy! (*Note: The word was “rest” not “relax.” Man I need to pay closer attention to the themes! It wouldn’t have changed my photo but I just thought I would make a note of it in case any of you are also doing the challenge on Flickr.)

How are your gratitudes coming? Are you counting your blessings? Remember that even in the bad there is always SOMETHING to be grateful for! I hope that this week you will be able to see and count those blessings in your life.

4 thoughts on “Week 4 Gratitudes and Photo #4

  1. lifebydmagdalene says:

    It takes practice and focus to see all the blessings around us. Most of the time, I took everything for granted…like sunshine, lots and lots of sunshine here in the Philippines!

    I will be praying for you and I hope that with God’s grace and unfailing love, you will be renewed inwardly everyday. I just attended a leadership conference with Dr. Edmund Chan of Singapore and he has clarified a lot of point in how we deal and grow in intimacy with God.

    I’m with you in your journey sis! Take care and I hope that like me, you will grow intimate with our Lord, everyday.


  2. Deanna Konst says:

    Love that you keep going with the gratitudes 🙂

    They give me something to think about, and hope for, and think about doing myself.

    Especially when all I can do is sigh lately. Love you!

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