Oh How I Love Pinterest! #4

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1. I love fettuccine alfredo! It is one of my weaknesses. I try not to eat it very often because I know that it is HORRIBLE for me. But it is so good! One day I decided I wanted to use a jar of alfredo that we had in the pantry. So to pinterest I went. I searched for a recipe that would be an easy method of creating what was already an easy dinner. This was perfect! I used whole wheat pasta, and didn’t use any of the bell peppers (we didn’t have any). I also used fresh mushrooms, and the random wine we have in the house. It was quick and easy to put together. It made a TON of food. And it was delicious, even the second time around. If you need a recipe that is easy and doesn’t require much time over the stove, I recommend this one.

2. If you have read my blog or facebook you know that I LOVE my crock pot! I just love being able to throw ingredients into the cooker, leave it alone, and then produce a magically wonderful tasting dinner (or lunch, or breakfast) for my family. Apparently this woman felt the same way. I’m not sure I am as dedicated as her. She did a crock pot recipe every single day for a year! If you are looking for a good recipe, it is likely that she has one.

3. If you are like me, you love macaroni and cheese. Its one of those childhood comfort foods that you just can’t help but eat whenever you get the chance. Although boxed mac n cheese is yummy, the homemade version is better. I always liked my mom’s version but mine never turned out right. Then one night I stumbled upon this version on my pinterest. I tried it late at night and…OH MY GOSH!! It was sooo good! I later made it (using pepper jack cheese and a blend of cheeses) for my mom when we went home for a visit. She loved it too! So now we have a new favorite kind of macaroni and cheese. And yes, it passes the picky toddler’s approval!

4. Do you like a hot breakfast? But not a morning person? That is me to a T! A breakfast burrito is a great thing to have first thing in the morning. But I don’t want to take the time to make it. Trish from Mom on Timeout shows us how to make breakfast burritos ahead of time and then freeze them. I will tell you that it takes a bit of time to get everything together and made but they are wonderful when they are done. My husband was able to grab these and take them to work and he loved them!

5. My grandma used to make fried cabbage. I have been told that this is a German food. I don’t know but there is something about fried cabbage that is so comforting. So when I found this recipe on pinterest for sauteed brussels sprouts, all I could think was how close to the fried cabbage this would be. I will be honest. It didn’t taste as good as I had hoped. It really just tasted like brussel sprouts with some garlic and oil. But they weren’t bad. I think I was just expecting them to taste different then they did. Give them a try and see what you think. Everyone on pinterest is raving about them!

6. For dinner last night I decided to attempt this recipe for chicken nuggets that are supposed to taste like the ones at Chick Fil A. To be honest, I didn’t think they were even remotely close. And I think I might have over done the flour. But my little guy LOVED them. And my husband and I ate more than we should have. If you make them, I would recommend more seasoning. We thought they were a little on the bland side. But it is a great base recipe for chicken nuggets or strips or even fried chicken. (I also cooked them in coconut oil because we were out of any others which did change the flavor some. It added to the sweetness just a bit.) What do you think? Like Chick Fil A or not? (And my hubby worked for Chick Fil A and says they never dipped their strips or nuggets in pickle juice. For those who have heard that rumor. He said that one of them comes pre-seasoned and the other is dipped into a seasoning. But in both cases they are dipped into a milk wash, not pickle juice.)

7. I wanted something other than fries to go with our chicken nuggets last night. And I have been trying to introduce new foods to my family. I decided it was a good night to try to introduce quinoa to my family. I loved this recipe (although I would love more cheese) and so did my youngest (which surprised me since he is only 10 months old). My oldest thought it was great with the barbeque sauce. I love it even when it is cold. I devoured several of them last night when they were fresh and then again tonight. I will definitely be making it again!

Bonus: Food related, but not a recipe, is the growing of green onions. This one amazes me! I am currently growing green onions in a baby food jar by my window. In the middle of January. With snow on the ground. Yup. And although we have some still in the ground from this summer (they are hearty little buggers) I am excited to be growing them in my house in case we get a lot of snow (instead of just a few patches). Next time you buy some onions give this a try.


And that concludes (for now) the food portion of my pinterest finds. There are still a lot of things on my pinterest board so stay tuned to see what new things I am trying out!



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