Oh How I Love Pinterest! #3

Food (con.):

1. I love coffee cake. But I rarely make it. My mom used to make it for us most Sunday mornings. It was wonderful to wake up to the delicious smell of cinnamon permeating the house. Then to dig into the wonderful moist cake…the only thing that was better was Christmas morning cinnamon rolls! One night I stumbled upon this recipe on pinterest. While not up to the same amazing-ness of my mom’s coffee cake, this cake in a mug is perfect for late night cravings. Or when you just want one serving of coffee cake. (This actually sounds good right now!)

2. One night, while Aaron was on a trip for work, and I had endured a really long day of dealing with the boys, I was in desperate need of chocolate. And I was dying for cake. So I got to work on this recipe.

It worked out alright. But I didn’t like the marshmallows on it. They were a bit too chewy. And I would have liked it to be a bit more moist. The cake was still delicious though. I couldn’t stop eating it. It got me through the rest of the week until Aaron got back. Adjust the chocolate syrup to get it to be the texture that you want it to be, and make sure not to add marshmallows until right at the very very end and you should have a wonderful tasting cake.

3. When I made the chocolate cake, I didn’t have any boxed mix. So I googled homemade cake box mix alternatives and found this website. The cake mix was perfect for the recipe and it tasted delicious. If I ever need to have a quick chocolate cake mix, I will most likely try this one again. (Sorry for lack of picture. There isn’t a picture on her site. And I know I didn’t find it on pinterest, I have since posted it onto pinterest, and I used to make a pinterest recipe. That counts, right?)

4. Last week I really wanted to make some applesauce. I had all these wonderful apples and they were working on going bad on me. I needed some way to use them up in a delicious manner. So I searched for a recipe that would allow me to cook the applesauce in my crock pot. I came across this one. Although I thought it was a decent recipe, my husband and I were not big fans of the lemon flavors. If you like a tart applesauce though then this is perfect!

5. The final recipe I want to share tonight is one for bread. I wanted a whole wheat bread that would be good for our diabetic son. S loved the bread! And I will say that it did taste better after sitting overnight in a airtight bag. My problem was older yeast and flour, but I think the recipe itself is a keeper. Next time I am going to start with a fresh batch of flour and yeast and I am sure that it will be amazing!

I have a few more recipes to share with you in my next pinterest post. So stay tuned!

I love to hear what you are thinking!

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