Week 2 of gratitudes and Photo #2

This week I misunderstood the prompt for our photos. In one place I read that it was supposed to be “close” but when I went to upload the picture discovered that it was actually supposed to be “shine.” Although I have some super cute pictures that I took this week of my gorgeous kids (I’m not biased at all!).

Anyway, here is my photo for last week. I took a photo of my serger, up close. It still had the threads on it that came with the machine. I love the little multi-colored tail! It just puts a huge smile on my face! Week 2: Close

I upgraded to the premium membership on picnik and had a lot of fun playing with textures! Look for some better collages and such to show up on my blog in the next few weeks!

And here are my weekly gratitudes. Since I have been sick this weekend I am a bit behind. So I’ll go ahead and include today’s as well.

Gratitude 9: I am grateful that I got to take S out to see the snow for the first time. I wish that he could have had a chance to play in it but he didn’t care. I love all the excitement that he has for these things this year and can’t wait till next year when T has that joy as well.

Gratitude 10: I am grateful that my husband patiently waits for me to get dinner together and eats it even if it is something that we have never tried before like beets and Brussels sprouts. Not every man would be so willing to try things and positive about it!

Gratitude 11: I am grateful that I had another day to live with my little guys and my husband.

Gratitude 12: T stood on his own today! It was only for a few seconds but I am so grateful that he does not have a delay, even with being a premie.

Gratitude 13: I am grateful that my super cranky children are asleep. I wasn’t going to make it through much more of their crying.

Gratitude 14: I am grateful for all the sleep my husband allowed me to get. I was in great need!

Gratitude 15: I am grateful for the sales at Joann’s which allowed me to get some serger thread for my new serger (finally!) and some material to make throw pillows for our couch.

and Gratitude 16: I am grateful for three day weekends that allow me to spend some extra time with my family. Even if I am miserably sick and have spent most of the day in bed. I’m so glad I’ve been able to.

And those are my weekly gratitudes! What are you thankful for this week?

Finally got Christmas cleaned up. Just need to move it all out of the house and into the garage. But by cleaning up Christmas stuff I was able to make room in my crafting area again. So now my crafting station is (relatively) organized which allows me to get back to all my crafting.

Here’s a list of projects that are on my current bucket list:

  • Finish snowflake stockings (and update my tutorial)
  • Sew throw pillows for the couch
  • Make my 366 days of gratitude journal
  • Sew up some pillowcases for children in the hospital
  • Finish my niece’s afghan

There are many more things on my list but I will keep it short for now. I need to actually finish my projects! Lol! I’m sure many of you understand how that goes! What’s on your bucket list of crafts?

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