{Tutorial}: DIY “Subway” Art Revisited

The other day I posted about making your own subway art. Since then I have seen several tutorials online that suggest using a high-resolution photo in order to ensure that you art can be printed at any size without distortion. So, here is a revisit of the tutorial with how to use a high-resolution photo. Once you get the background the rest of the tutorial is the same.

1. First upload a high-resolution photo. This is pretty simple to do. The first page prompts you to upload a picture and will immediately take you into the editing program. If you want the photo to be horizontal, pick a horizontal photo. If you want it to be vertical upload a vertical one. Once there, crop your photo to the size that you desire. In this case I chose a 8 X 10.


2. Choose the stickers option. Under stickers choose the rectangle. Re-size to cover the original photo. At this point you can change the color. I chose to go with black this time.stickers

3. Save your file. When you save it, adjust the compression to 10 in order to get the best quality possible.change compression

4. Completely close out the photo. You will want to re-load your new file. This will ensure that your photo is no longer visible and will not interfere with your artwork. Here is a link to the file containing my black background. Feel free to skip the first few steps and simply use it.

5. Continue to create as indicated in my previous post.

Since I was making you a new tutorial I thought I would take the time to make you a nicer subway art to download.


Feel free to download, print and share, but please do not sell it. If you want to put it on your blog, please include a link back to the original post.

I love to hear what you are thinking!

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