Oh how I love Pinterest! #1

I am obsessed! Yes, completely and totally obsessed! If you need an invite to join pinterest, by far the most addicting site online right now, then leave me a comment with your email address. I will be happy to send you one!

But enough about my love for the site. Tonight I wanted to share with you some of the many posts that have been floating around pinterest and how they have worked out for me.

Cleaning and Body Products

DIY Scented Plugins: I have to admit that this has not been the most effective for me. I tried making my own cinnamon scented “oil” using cinnamon sticks. The “oil” smelled great when it was still in the pot, and even when it was sitting on the counter, but it didn’t have much of a smell in the plug-in. I didn’t want to spend the money on using essential oils because I know that I would go through them too quickly for the cost. And I was worried that any of the other fragrance oils wouldn’t be any better than the stuff that is in the bulb to begin with. The other issue that I discovered was that the stem from the plugin did not come out as easily and cleanly as the original blog indicated. Perhaps I have used my particular plugin too long and that is the problem, I don’t know. But I do know that the wick was far too worn out to really be all that helpful. And there was still a lot of the original oil still in the wick that mixed, unpleasantly, with the homemade oil. My verdict is that it is worth it to just buy the stuff at the store, or forego it all together.

Simple, Homemade Air Freshener: I made something similar to this to use in my diaper pail. It smells amazing! And it has held its scent pretty well. I tried to make them into little patties in my muffin tin, using cupcake liners. This was not a huge success. The little cakes stuck too much to the cupcake liners and I had troubles with it drying the way that it was supposed to. However, the concept, mixing baking soda and essential oil together, makes for a very powerful, and wonderful air freshener. I prefer this greatly to the one above.

Lavender Water: This is my new favorite. It only takes a few drops of lavender oil, and water in a spray bottle. So simple! I use it when I iron my fabrics before sewing or cutting them. I love how it smells and it makes ironing a much more pleasant experience. One of these days I am going to take the bottle upstairs and spray it on my pillowcases!

Homemade OxyClean: Here is another one that didn’t work too well for me. The first time I made it, it was okay. But it was really hard to get out. Maybe I did something wrong? The second time I made it I had to throw it out because it bubbled really badly and started eating the bottom of the plastic container I had put it in. Make sure that if you try this you keep the proportions exact. They are the same basic ingredients in store-bought OxyClean so it should be successful but any misstep could easily be an issue since you are working with chemicals (as my bio-environmental husband points out to me).

Foaming Hand Soap: I don’t know for sure where I originally saw this, and for some reason it isn’t pinned onto my board, but I wanted to share it anyway. I started by going to the store and picking up some foaming hand soap bottles. They were on sale at the time, which was quite a bonus! We used the soap up in the bottom bathroom quickly. The two upstairs still have the original soap in them but when they will be subject to (semi-)homemade foaming soap. I have been using Dr. Bonner’s. I am in love with the stuff! I use it in my diaper wipe solution. And now I am using it as my hand soap. I simply pour a small amount into my pump and fill the rest with water. Viola! I now have a new bottle of hand soap! Dr. Bonner’s is such a strong soap that I don’t worry about the water making it too watery. And I do, periodically, wash the top of my bottle to ensure that I am not spreading any germs that might be growing on the pump. I highly recommend this method of hand soap (and the investment in Dr. Bonner’s as it really goes a long way).

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent: This isn’t the one that I have pinned. The one that I pinned is for a powdered version. But someone commented on the pin about a liquid version. This is the same recipe the girl gave me, even though it isn’t from her blog or anything. I used Ivory Soap and it made a TON of laundry soap! I recommend cutting the recipe down some if you are going to make it. I literally have a 5 gallon pail mostly full of laundry detergent and a jug that is still fairly full of laundry detergent. I have been using an old laundry detergent measuring cup in order to measure out my soap. I also have to shake it up before I use it because it does clump together. But I have been very happy with it. We use it on all of our clothes, except my cloth diapers. I’ve had mixed reports on whether or not Borax is safe on cloth diapers, so for now at least. I have opted to stay away from it. There is very little scent to it, and no scent that remains on the clothes. If you miss the scent, add fabric softener to the load, or dryer sheets, or spray them with your lavender spray. I have been extremely happy with my laundry detergent!

Still to do: Deodorant, No ‘Poo, Lip Balm, Stain Removers,  Vegetable Wash, Dishwasher cleaner, Hand Sanitizer, Air Freshener Spray, Oven Cleaner, Dusting Spray, Dryer Sheets, as well as many other cleaning products…

And as a bonus…a find that is not specifically linked on my pinterest is the powers of white vinegar and water. It is an amazingly powerful cleaning agent. I add essential oils to it in order to help get over the horrid smell. I am constantly amazed by how clean it gets things and how inexpensive it really is.

And…I LOVE coconut oil. It works wonderfully as a base for a sugar scrub, it works as a (greasy) powerful lotion, and is amazing as a diaper cream. I also use it in my diaper spray. It has antibacterial properties, and it also works in the kitchen. It is solid unless above 76°F, but becomes nice and soft when rubbed between your fingers. You can find it at all kinds of stores (even Walmart) in the oil section or in the baking section (depending on the store) in a jar, not a bottle (since it is probably completely solid in the store).

Let me know if you try any of these things! I would love to know how and if they worked for you.

2 thoughts on “Oh how I love Pinterest! #1

  1. Cahleen says:

    Pinterest is so addicting! Lately I haven’t had much time to go on, much less implement some of the ideas. =( I’m really excited to try no ‘poo and the oil cleansing method for washing my face once my current stuff runs out, though!

    So far I like the homemade deodorant! I messed up the first batch, but my second batch seems to work great. The second time around I actually followed the directions about not melting the coconut oil, I was more generous with the baking soda and corn starch, and I added a few drops of tea tree essential oil. So far so good, but I guess the true test will be the summer time.

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