52 Photos in 52 Weeks and 366 Days of Gratitude

Last year I had several friends who did 365 days of photos. I loved the idea but I know that it is unlikely that I would be able to actually get a picture every single day. I tried one month last year and it was such a challenge! So, when I stumbled upon the group on Flickr that is doing 52 weeks of photos, I was thrilled! They are going to have themes each week but since I didn’t see a theme this week, I just chose one of my favorite pictures of the week.

Here is my little S who has become quite the camera hog! Anytime I grab the camera he says “CHEESE!!” and sticks his face up close to the camera. He’s so precious! I used picnik.com to edit the photo. I added a black and white background, a vignette around the edges, and a small black frame. I also used the text to add my blog name and what week it is.

Week 1 of 52

Isn’t he just adorable?!

One day on pinterest I came across this pin. It was such a cute journal and I loved the idea of creating a fun, decorated journal of gratitudes for every day of the year. Here’s a picture of the cuteness that she created.

Isn’t it great?

I also found these printables, also by Monika, but intended for a “month in review” album. Although I haven’t printed them yet, my plan is to use them on my individual pages so that I can easily jot down the things I am thankful for. Now just to put together my book!

Here’s my week of thankfulness in review:

Gratitude 1:I am so grateful for a dishwasher! I hate washing dishes but at least the dishwasher does most of the work for me!

Gratitude 2: I am grateful that my husband brought me home crab legs from lunch today. Even if he did eat at one of our fave restaurants without me. 😉

Gratitude 3: I am grateful that my cranky kids fell asleep right away when I put them to bed. And 45 minutes earlier than usual!

Gratitude 4: I am grateful that S has caught up and will probably not have to have PT anymore. I have enjoyed Kellie’s visits but I am so grateful that he is no longer behind!

Gratitude 5: I am grateful for the small amount of snow that we woke up to this morning. Seeing the joy on S’s face was priceless!

Gratitude 6: I am grateful for a little bit of mommy time while the boys (including Aaron) sleep. Not doing anything for a little bit is quite nice. Plus, its so quiet!

Gratitude 7: I am grateful for appliances. For dinner tonight I used a toaster, the oven, the refrigerator, and my George Forman. Plus, the running water. Although it would probably be possible to make the same food over a fire, I am sooo grateful that I don’t have to.

Gratitude 8: I am grateful for a wonderful church. My boys love the young ladies who play with them in the nursery and it is such a blessing to know that we have a group of people who love us and support us so much.

My goal is to update these for you once a week. As I get out my scrapping stuff and start working on my book I will show you pictures of what I create.

Want to join me on either project? Feel free to leave me comments or links to your blogs if you are posting them there. I would love to see what you are grateful for and to see your pictures.

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