Snowflake Stockings

I apologize for not getting this tutorial done before Christmas. But I wanted to share with you how I made my family stockings if you want to make your family some for next year.

Here is one of the finished stockings.

I blocked out my little guy’s name but it is all there. It was pretty simple and can easily be duplicated.


  • Snowflake pattern you like (or any other shape you want to use)
  • Stocking pattern (there are tons available online or you can trace an old stocking)
  • Felt for stocking, cuff, and snowflake
  • Embroidery thread (or if you prefer you can use puff paint)
  • Mark-B-Gone pen
  • All Purpose Glue (I like Aileen’s in the gold bottle)


  1. Using your main color of felt, cut out two stocking pieces (front and back). Using a contrasting color cut out a cuff piece. If the pattern does not include a cuff piece simply create one by cutting a section off of the top of the stocking and using it as your cuff pattern. You will be layering the cuff over the top of the stocking, covering the top portion. Keep that in mind when you are designing your cuff.
  2. I find that cutting out my snowflake pattern is easiest with a small pair of very sharp scissors. Lay the snowflake that you are tracing onto the white felt. Use the Mark B Gone to trace around the snowflake. (See picture 4 as well.)
  3. Take a small rectangle of the felt you used for the cuff and fold it in half. Sew the unfolded side to the back stocking piece.
  4. Cut out the snowflake.
  5. Use a small amount of glue to attach the snowflake to the front stocking piece. You can either leave it glued on or you can use embroidery thread to stitch around the edge of the snowflake. Stitching will make it more secure and will also add a decorative touch but the glue will suffice if you do not want to do the hand sewing. I also use a bit of glue on the back on the knots from my stitches. This helps them to last longer.
  6. Write your child’s name on the cuff piece with the Mark B Gone. Use your embroidery thread to stitch the name. I use a basic straight stitch to do the name. If you know how to handstitch then you can do this! If you are afraid or don’t want to take the time to stitch the name, you can use puff paints.
  7. Now it is time to piece together your stocking. Sorry, I don’t really have pictures of this. Start by taking your (dry) cuff piece and your front stocking piece. I laid the cuff piece on the front the way I was going to want it when it gets sewed on. Then I flipped it over so that the front of the cuff is facing the back of the stocking. Clear as mud? The idea is that when you sew the top of the cuff to the stocking, and then flip it over, it will be the way you want it to be with the name in the correct position.
  8. Flip the cuff over to the front and do a stitch on each side of the cuff so that it will stay in place where you want it to be. Don’t worry about it being perfect, just keep it close to the edge. This is simply to tack the cuff into place so that it doesn’t shift when you sew the stocking together.
  9. You are going to do the same thing with the back pieces.
  10. Once the cuffs are sewed on, pin the stocking pieces together, right sides together. This means that as you sew you will see the stitching from your snowflake (if you stitched around it), and the hook that you made on the back piece. I used a 1/2″ seam allowance but use whatever your pattern calls for.
  11. Cut small triangles on the curves. This will help the stocking to turn nicely. (Again, sorry for the lack of pictures. I’ll try to take some and post later.) Here is a tutorial on how to clip corners and curves that I think is really helpful.
  12. Turn the stocking and admire your handiwork!

If you decide to make this project I would love to see your pictures! Link your pictures to my blog in the comment section.

I love to hear what you are thinking!

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