How were your holidays?

We enjoyed some great times together as a family. I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures.

In the beginning of the month there was a Christmas parade on base followed by a tree lighting at the chapel.

We had two trees in our house this year. One in living room where the little boys’ were able to touch and explore all the ornaments. The other one was in the back area of the living room and off-limits, except with close supervision.

Here are the ornaments that I made. I traced cookie cutters on a piece of cardstock to get my patterns. Then I hand stitched the details and the edging. I used stuffing to make them soft and squishy. I only got 2 finished but several others cut out to stitch up for next year.

Last year my grandparents got S a pillowcase to wrap his present with. I loved the idea and decided that it would be really cool to make pillowcases for T and my husband’s niece and nephews. I used this tutorial. It was easy to follow and resulted in some super cute pillowcases. Here’s a picture of them all stacked together.

And finally, I got two stockings done. Here is S’s stocking (with his name blocked out). I’m working on a tutorial so that you can make some for your little one’s for next year.

Hope your holidays were as good as ours!

I love to hear what you are thinking!

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