What is Christmas?

A few years ago, I was about 20 weeks pregnant and my mom and I were shopping at a favorite bookstore. While there we were browsing the children’s books for her to use in her classroom. As expected, there was a display of Christmas books. While walking by one board book in particular caught my eye.

My mom got the book for my, then, unborn son. Now it is a favorite for both of my boys. I love reading this book to the boys because it has a nice rhyme, fun pictures, but most of all, it has great meaning.

I went ahead and typed up part of the poem in the book. If you are looking for a great way to teach children why we celebrate Christmas, and let them know that all the fun aspects of the holiday (such as Santa, trees, and presents) are simply that, than I highly recommend this book.

Here is part of the poem included in the book.

“What is Christmas?”
Written by Michelle Medlock Adams
Illustrated by Amy Wummer
God sent his son, Jesus the Christ,
From heaven up above.
He came to earth to save the world–
God’s greatest gift of love.
So, Christmas is the Lord’s birthday
The day he came to earth.
Forever we will celebrate
His very special birth!
Okay, now I get it.
Santa Claus and Christmas trees
And presents are okay,
But Jesus is the real reason
We have a Christmas Day!

From Amazon

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas season and remembering why we are celebrating the season!


Note: I did not receive any form of compensation for recommending this book to you. I simply thought that you might enjoy it. 🙂

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