Linky Link! Christmas Edition #4

So you’ve decked the halls and bought or made your gifts. But have you thought about wrapping? Why hide your wonderful gift under a boring piece of wrapping paper with the tape showing when there are hundreds of wonderful ideas right at your fingertips? Here are a few of my favorite wrapping ideas.

1. Ever thought of using scraps of fabric to decorate your presents?

I love this idea for a canvas transferred to the decoration of a Christmas present.

Or for a similar idea that is actually intended for gifts check out this blog.

If you are worried it would be a waste of fabric, use it on a box that can be used for another gift or a different purpose after the holidays are over.

2. Brown packaging paper can be an inexpensive way to create a backdrop for your creative wrappings. Here are a couple of ideas that start with simple brown paper.

Originally intended for a wedding, these charming little boxes wrap up some delicious cookies. The idea is simple and charming. It could easily be done with a variety of gifts.

Decorate your packaging paper with some double-sided tape and confetti. This package was done up for a birthday present but could easily be transformed with some red and green glitter or confetti. This would be fun for the kids to do!

I love to make recycled bows! They are charming and so easy to make. Although I do mine a bit different from they are done in this tutorial, you can see how pretty plain old magazine pages can be with just a bit of time and effort. Turn those old magazines into a bow and “ribbon” to make your package uniquely beautiful.

This blogger uses Washi tape to decorate her brown packages. I imagine that any kind of decorative tape would work. And if you have a family member or friend who loves duck tape (like my brother) than duck tape would be an awesome alternative with all the fun colors and styles out these days.

Or the same concept with masking tape…

3. Try something unique this year. It isn’t necessary to stick with the traditional colors of green and red. Why not try something different? Here are some examples.

There’s a how-to for this one, which is created with crayon shavings.

4. Bows are such a desirable item during the Christmas season. Who doesn’t love a package tied up with a pretty bow? But it doesn’t have to come from the store. Above I showed you a link to a blog about making recycled bows from magazines (or any paper, really). Here are some more links.

Eddie Ross has a video tutorial on how to make this gorgeous bow.

Here is another cute package done with packaging paper. The bow itself is made out of paper as well. Unique, easy and cheap!

This blogger used yarn to make a cute little bow instead of the pompoms that are often seen.

Cupcake liners are currently used for everything these days. This blogger shares with us how to decorate a present with some of those pretty cupcake wrappers that are popping up in all the stores.

5. And finally, make your wrapping part of the present! Here are some great ways to incorporate your gift or a part of the gift into the wrapping itself.

Have a scarf, a towel, or a shirt that you want to give as part of the gift. Try the art of Japanese folding to wrap the fabric around the gift. Here are some examples.

A detailed how-to wrap a shirt around your gift is included in this blog.

Add a tie…

What about an oven mitt as a stocking?

And of course you can use plain paper and tie a gift onto the package.

Attach a cookie cutter…

…a toy…

…an ornament…


…a brooch or a barrette.

There are a ton of other fun ideas out there. Use fabric to whip up a pillowcase for the kids, or a Santa bag for each child. Or use wrapping paper and bubble wrap to make a padded envelope. Or make a fabric envelope that can be passed around the family. Be creative with the things that you have accessible. Think out of the box this year!

Merry Christmas!

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