Linky Link! Christmas Edition #3

Gift ideas! For the diy-er it can be so hard to come up with ideas for EVERYONE in the family. Fortunately there are many bloggers out there with great ideas that should work perfectly for each member of your family and all of your friends.

1. I found Jenn’s blog via pinterest. After a few minutes of browsing through her blog I discovered that she has amazing links for every person on your guest list. She also has great links for decorations, photo cards, and so much more! If you need something for Christmas, Jenn probably has a link for it. Her list is so good, it actually made me hesitant to make my own. Check it out and be inspired!

2. I’ve said it before, but I love Dana at Made. Not only does she have an awesome name, but she has the most amazing tutorials. In honor of Christmas Dana has gathered her tutorials perfect for gifts into one place. She also includes some of her favorite Christmas links to other blogs.

3. Looking for inexpensive and easy gifts to give your neighbors? This list by Marni at Sassy Sites! has 161 different gift ideas. There should be something in there for every one of your neighbors, Secret Santas, or Christmas parties. There might even be something perfect for your family members hidden within the list!

4. Design Dazzle is doing 100 ideas of Christmas, using ideas from various bloggers. Although not all the ideas are specifically for gifts, there are too many great ideas not to include the link. And remember that anything handmade by the kids can be a great gift for the grandparents!

(I love the Elf on the Shelf idea. My boys are too small this year but I am thinking of starting it next year. Although I believe Christmas is all about Christ, I don’t see anything wrong with a bit of “magic” in my kids’ lives. Design Dazzle has a great list of fun ideas to do with the mischievous elf. Check it out if you are doing the Elf on the Shelf tradition.)

5. I love gifts in a jar! They are easy, inexpensive (generally), and can be personalized for anyone on your list. The best part is, a lot of The Gunny Sack’s ideas can easily be adapted for a stocking. Just throw the items into a stocking instead of a jar and viola! A perfect stocking present!

More gifts in a jar from Organized Christmas

And from Tip Junkie

And more from Texas Cottage…(this site has a ton of great ideas!)

6. More Handmade gift ideas from The Motherload.

7. Looking for good ideas for a new baby or an expectant mother? Homemade by Jill has some wonderful tutorials specifically for baby and the ever-growing belly. She also has some cute ideas for the kiddos, accessories, refashions, and some great stuff for the house. Any or all of these tutorials can be altered and used for anyone on your gift list. (And check out her Christmas stuff to see all kinds of great ideas that she has posted in previous years.)

8. It’s Written on the Wall has a list of 186 Neighbor gifts. Several of these are the same as on other lists, but it is worth taking a look. Some of these ideas are really cute!

9. Another blog that I absolutely love is Oopsey Daisy by Alison. There are so many great ideas on her page, not just for crafters but also for mommies. I’m not going to list a specific part of her blog. Check out her gift ideas and tutorials for a ton of great ideas, include a ton of photo gifts that would be perfect for the relatives.

10. The last blog I want to share tonight is dedicated to gifts. There more amazing diy ideas than anyone could ever possibly need. Check out Amber Lee at the Giverslog for tutorials, links, and ideas on how to wrap your gifts.

Even though I am not posting a link to it, don’t forget to check out Martha Stewart’s website. She always has a bunch of good ideas for everything Holiday related.

Later this week I will post some creative, and inexpensive ideas for wrapping. Let me know if you end up using any of these ideas. I’d love to see pictures of your diy Christmas’!

2 thoughts on “Linky Link! Christmas Edition #3

  1. Kyra says:

    I love that you share your ideas and fun blogs and sites you’ve found. It gives me lots and lots of inspiration. My list of things I want to do and make just keeps getting longer and longer, which means I’ll never be board again! πŸ™‚ Also, I love that it snows on your blog!

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