Linky Link! Christmas Edition #2

I’m back! Today I want to share with you some delicious recipes that are perfect to add to your Christmas dinners, to give to friends and neighbors, take to potlucks or just enjoy on a cold winter’s night.

1. This has become my favorite comfort food recipe. I have always loved mac n cheese (who doesn’t) but this recipe is simple and FANTASTIC! (Hint: It’s even better when you use a bit of pepper jack in it.) This is perfect for a night when you need a quick meal, or for one of those potlucks you get invited to. It takes very little prep (especially if you buy shredded cheese) and does most of the work in the oven while you wrap presents, do dishes, or whatever needs tending to.

2. Looking for a Christmas cookie recipe? This website is the absolute best resource for any kind of cookie you can imagine. There are literally hundreds of different recipes for any taste bud, and any level of cooking abilities.

3. I grew up making Better Homes and Gardens’ cut-out sugar cookie recipe. In high school my friends would always beg me to make these cookies for our annual Christmas party. It is by far my favorite sugar cookie recipe that I have tried so far.

4. Cold night? Busy day? Try my crock pot chili recipe. Its perfect with a bit of shredded cheese on top. Or add some little cheddar fish. Adjust the spice to your taste. Make it super spicy with hot salsa or make it mild by using more tomatoes and omitting the salsa all together.

5. Popcorn is the perfect treat when the family gathers to watch an old Christmas favorite. Using a popcorn machine, or popping the popcorn on the stove (the old-fashioned way) can result in some of the BEST popcorn you could hope for. Try this cinnamon variety for a nice change of pace from the normal flavors.

6. Although these breakfast burritos are not Christmas specific they would be perfect for days when it is necessary to rush out of the house to one of the many activities of the season. These burritos are absolutely delicious! In our house they didn’t last more than a week.

7. Just about everyone (me excluded) loves chocolate and peanut butter together. These amazing cookies are easy to make and exceptionally delicious. (I have to admit that even I, self-proclaimed peanut butter/chocolate hater, thought they were pretty good.) They even work well with a sugar substitute.

8. Everybody loves a little fudge in their lives. Kraft has the simplest, best tasting fudge. The recipe can generally be found on the back of the package of marshmallow fluff, but it is also online if you wanted to make your own fluff or use a generic brand.

9. If, like our family, you are celebrating the birth of Jesus on Christmas day, you might be wanting to make birthday cake. Before you run to the store to buy a box, take a look at this recipe. Wilton has tons of easy to bake recipes. It is not complicated to make a cake from scratch. And they taste so much better!

And for a great icing try Wilton’s buttercream. I like to use all butter and skip the shortening for a more decadent and delicious combination. Color with your favorite gel food colors (found in the cake decorating section at Walmart, or your local craft stores). You can easily use it on cookies as well!

10. The final recipe for tonight is a chocolate cake recipe for the slow cooker. Actually, it is two cake recipes put together. The first recipe is for making chocolate cake without a box. It is a very simple recipe with very few ingredients. The second recipe is for the actual cake. You can skip the first if you want to use a boxed mix as the directions of the second recipe calls for. I will warn you not to use large marshmallows for this recipe. I did because it was what we had in the house, but they simply became rubbery and did not melt very well. If you do decide to use marshmallows, stick to the small ones.

Hope these recipes inspire you to whip up a few things in the kitchen this Christmas. Stay tuned as we discuss cheap and easy Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your list later this week.

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