Diabetes Video

This video is great at explaining diabetes. It explains what is happening in little S’s body but it also explains what is going on in the bodies of people who have type 2. It might be helpful for you if you are trying to understand the disease or understand the differences between the two different types.

Also, I have a lot of people who have asked about logs. I have three different logs that I have worked up on my excel. Here are the three logs that I have created. None of them are perfect. But if you are looking for a template, at least as a starting point, one of these might be able to help you.

1. This is the first one that I made right after leaving the hospital. I found it to be easy to use by the nurses were not fond of the fact that it was harder to see the levels based upon time. As we got into a routine, though, it was easier for me to be able to have the flexibility this one afforded us. blood sugar Blank Sheet

2. The second one I created has a lot of detail. The nurses were playing with the formulas to find out what would work the best. Because of the many changes, I found it helpful to record the formulas each time we calculated the insulin. Blank Sugar Spreadsheet

3. The third one is the one that I am using. It is modeled off of the Accu-check 360 log. The bottom section of each day includes a place to graph the sugars. This has been handy for me as I am able to quickly see where my son’s sugars are throughout the day. Keep in mind that the target numbers (the ones in green) are those set up specifically for my son. Yours may need adjusting if your doctor has recommended different numbers. sugar logs 3

Hope this helps!

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